CON (n - always capitalized); The Conspiracy Of the Normals. It is not so much a true conspiracy, or even intelligence, as it is a "We are good because we are all." hive-mind which instinctively reacts to anything which does not fit (i.e. not identified as "belonging") by either trying to make it conform or, failing that, attempting to destroy it. Easily avoided once identified, as it is boringly predictable. - From Uncle Dobbs' Practical Dictionary

Egad! Is there an error, or have all our federated timelines disowned us? I click on Federated Timeline and get:

Yes, global warming is real. And yes, mankind is contributing to it. But somebody is finally pointing out the enormous effing brontosaur in the room as far as reducing emissions to cool the planet back off goes.

From the article:

"In fact, Earth's default climate seems to be warm and balmy. Periods with no glaciers dominated for three-quarters of the past 1 billion years."

The full article:

A classic:

"I get no respect. I went and donated at the sperm bank. Now I have two puppies." -- Rodney Dangerfield

Shaved llamas in the bushes? More like Doctor Seuss meets LSD!''

This may not mean much to anyone outside the Cleveland/Detroit area, but Ron "The Ghoul" Sweed has died at age 70.

If the man was not a Sub-G, he should have been.

R.I.P my Shordurpersav!

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