I must have 100 great toots that I forgot during the process of getting here to toot it to you.

Maybe the Book of the SubGenius is right about Jesus being a space alien. Jesus said in John 8:23 “You are from below, i am from above; you are of this world, I am not of this world." Learn more about this incredible Book of the SubGenius at:

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I don’t normally root for the hurricane, but Florida can use a good douching so those guys can find the reset button.

By the time it clears the launch tower, the 3000-ton Saturn V is moving at about 70mph and is already 150 tons lighter. Here's a slo-mo talk through of what happens in those first 12 seconds.


#space #apollo #nasa #saturnv

If you hate Trump, Trump is the distraction that keeps you from seeing the fnords.

If you hate Biden, Biden is the distraction that keeps you from seeing the fnords.

Many other things can distract you from seeing the fnords.

Sending your money to "Bob" does not keep you from seeing the fnords.

The Book of the SubGenius is so full of fnords you might miss them.


Is it up to the to save the world? It's starting to look like we've got to (so we can take it over later)! The latest from the Church of the Unanswered Question!

I only had four colors of oil paint left so I used them all up on another X-Day picture.

As i once exclaimed:

"What the fuck do people know about tenderness, anyway.."

They are all in some sort of pursue of a meager existence, a petty perspective of looking to a negative, little anti-day-dream, anti-imagination, at play..

They are NOT like ME,.i'm tender, i'm snuggling in my own imaginary world, of MY SLACK-PURSUIT.

I'm retracting from the social-horde - to fulfill a sort of slackful dream - i've been working on it, been struggling for it, more than anything they been working on


10339 Conant St, Hamtramck, MI 48212 United States


Doors 9pm / 21+ / $10

PRAISE "BOB"! Join us dear friends as we sow the seeds of SLACK and scream and yell in torturous ecstatic agonies about saucers and money and how YOU can get BOTH.

The Amino Acids
The Altruistic Perverts
Sid Redlin



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