@HMLivy @onan @johnhattan How about British comedy? Alan Partridge is a radio hero to me. It helps to have seen his other shows but not necessary.


Scrubgenius? Nah, nobody goes there any more, so much drama, so little fun!
Dobbs Town is the place for me
Dobbs Town is the place to be.
Much more Slack for you and me!
Word of "Bob" in the Time of Pee!
PRA "Bob" PRA "Bob" PRA "Bob" !
Can I get a fuckin' VRAIMENT?

Ooh, the local theater needs people to create sets and backdrops for an Addams Family play! This is so perfect that I've applied. Like, "Hello, I'm basically Wednesday Addams" 😈

Why does the Church of the SubGenius exist?

This world is an absurdist's wet dream. You can allow it to beat you down, or you can sit back and enjoy the show. Moreover, for a measly $35 sent to subgenius.com you can get a table right down front, or one back in a dark corner, whichever you prefer.


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