Attention, SubGenii of the United States!

Attention, SubGenii who through the use of a VPN can appear to be in the United States!

Every one of you can get a free library card from your local library. That free library card can bring you free movies. One of those free movies is...

J.R. "Bob" Dobbs and the Church of the SubGenius (Sandy K. Boone 2019)


Nina Paley: "I am illustrating the Book of Revelation with animated gifs. Prototype chapter 1, as I work out design details, here."


Ah... Another productive weekend!

The local ComiCon was in progress, so once again I took a wander through the parking lot leaving pamphlets as well as some of my leaflets and drop cards on random car windshields.

I always hope to get a convert or two out of it.

Ministering to the heathens means occasionally leaving the warm, safe bubble of SubG conclave that we enjoy here at Dobbstown.

with all the "rich white man goes into space" news, can't wait for the first rich white man to land on mars, so we can dust off this:

Working From Home Pro Tip:

Don't drink whiskey neat during midday vidcall meetings with your bosses

The Church of the SubGenius




And the bartender says ``No faster than light particles allowed!''

So an FTL neutrino walks into a bar.

The history of the book is on the page. Suffice it to say that this is a Portuguese-to-English phrasebook that became a comedy bestseller in English-speaking countries.

The text has been PD for quite some time, but Standard Ebooks fixes OCR errors and formats 'em so they look nice on e-readers.

I'll tell you about the ignorant willing puppets who are held in contempt not just by the Master of Slack but by the UFOs who are their true masters! They oppress the Slackmaster like FETTERS on a FELON! Strike them off! They are NOTHING but they are everywhere and they WANT what YOU have! The SubGenius HATES them! Cthulhu is NOT A JOKE! He lurks in a reality we cannot understand and seeks OURS! It gibbers BLANKLY from emptiness, it's the PITILESS apocalypse JHVH-1 warns us about!

Did "Bob" die for the Slackmaster? Hell NO! The Master of Slack DRIPS slack. He is guarded by "Bob" Himself. He will ride with the Sex Goddesses on X-day, and he needs NOTHING so he has it ALL! Praise "Bob!" Reveling in Habafropzipulops, the Herb of the Gods, the Slackmaster - obedient to "Bob" Himself - has no NEED to be "cool," but is SEEN at Fake Healings and HEARD at X-Day Practices! Break down the WALLS! What about the Conspiracy tools?

Don't ASK QUESTIONS! Time is SHORT! Listen! The Friend of "Bob" instinctively KNOWS how the "rantings" of the inspired enlightened Sub manifested today in a thousand ways (SAY IT!) must be decapitated as the Holy Sacriligoment.

The Anti"Bob", like the fetid EMBRACE of the Phlegm Elementals, KILLS and worse than kills, it is nothing but a VILE snare and a theft of Slack! You'll WISH you were dead when those CLAWS grab your soul! The Barbie-Kens cannot understand the REALITY of Yog-Sothoth which lurks in a reality we cannot understand and seeks OURS! It is HOT death and COLD death, it is condemned to watch BALKED as we ESCAPE the planet! Now ARISE!

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