Why don't employees discuss their problems and frustrations to their management?

You cannot expect to come to resolutions with a malaria epidemic by having a discussion with the mosquitoes.

The little nodding blood suckers can't help themselves but create authoritarian power structures which demand everyone to align their perspectives to what the one at the top wants to see...

Quite, quite true. When the Earth burns, all the SubGenii aboard the Pleasure Saucers will mass orgasm as one, and roar a mighty "FUCK OFF!!!" at the Pinks burning below...

They make you cry and scream for the chains you will wear in your slavery. They will make you believe it is a safety blanket as you pull the wool over your own eyes. Your outrage is their weapon; Your belief are the bullets in the gun. They want to make you hate, they want to make you give up on all people by exploiting your interactions and hacking your emotions so that your own response is that of the destruction and corruption of any link we may have to each other that has not yet been cut.

Well, you are all SOL. The doctor-pinks completely failed to kill me, so you all are stuck with me for at least a little bit longer.


@HMLivy Eh, you'll be fine. You have much more suffering to do according to the Illuminati.

I am not a prolific poster here, but I thought I would warn you folks that I will be offline for at least a week. Tomorrow (Thursday) I go in hospital for a catheter ablation to try and correct an atrial flutter. They say it is a low risk procedure, but it involves at least one night stay in hospital, and a week of very restricted activity.

So in about 36 hours I will either be on the mend, or on the Saucers.

If it comes to the worst, my visit here has been fun & Slackful.

My Thanks.


Firefox: Hi! We've just upgraded your browser! Also, we've removed all of your addons and bookmarks! Have a nice day!

Me: ファックオフ。

Media is a resource. Media is the means. Media is the ends.

Do not allow corporate culture to define the future of social interaction.

Refuse. Resist. Disobey. It's not just about you, it's about everyone you ever loved and anything that ever made you feel safe, comfortable, and connected to something else within this construct of falsehoods we call society.

You know what's right from wrong.
Take action. Take back control of the content.

Give me SLACK, or kill me. :jrbd:

Save the Susie Foundation needs your help!

Susie the Floozie has been an integral part of Subgeniusdom and a major contributor to all of our SLACK. It's come time to pay it back. Please, PLEASE, consider your frop change sitting in your couch cushions this one time.


Keep a keen brown eye on the warning signs, don't lose your kids to online Shitlords.

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