Thanks Rev. "J". THis is the kinda SubG anger at the CON I grew up with. it was easy then. republicans, pinks, mediocretins, and their ilk were easy to spot. and there was never mixing.

I wonder how many $1 bills and weird newspaper clippings the current owner of POBox 140306 Dallas, TX 75214 still gets.

It took me a lot of digging, but I finally found this old photograph of "Bob"s father.

Real life is too hard lately, so I've been spending time alone in my Dungeons & Dragons fantasy world.
Latest discovery: Inkarnate.
Here is my first try with the freebie version.

Now you can really hate me and my stupid, stupid anti-art. I mean I own an inkjet printer, how dumb do you have to be to print in a totally obsolete, slow, clumsy, imperfect way. SubGenius level dumb, for sure.

"Useful Idiot", first test proofs. I removed more and more negative space between each print, wherever there was misprinted negative space. (Ink where it shouldn't be. )

This is the first time I've ever attempted a multi-color print.

There's no point. I think I hate myself more than everyone hates me anyway. Should I just vacate, or stick around and be your monkey?

Oh yeah, this is still here.
Anyone still using this thing?

The engineer has turned off the No Smoking light. Please return your seat and tray tables to the full and totally relaxed position.

Are the band members of Rush secretly radical? Bc theres no other reason in my mind for them to have made a song with lyrics as straight punk as Tom Sawyer

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