Imagine being a company like 3M that makes the best masks to wear in the world and it takes them over a year to respond to the market demand because there just isn't enough money in it... Yet.

Real facts. 3M isn't even considering increasing distribution of N95 masks until after Q1 2021.

Devo knew, they knew all along. And the Germans WILL do it again

I wonder if Don and Mel Trump still get stoned and fool around?

Im seriously thinking about identifying as a fat lesbian

When in doubt ch 14 of the Book of the Subgenius answers all we need to know

Weakness, my strength.

Flaws, my exercise.

Slack, my will.

I am SubGenius.

This is my way.

Do you know yours?

If i keep writing songs at this rate my neck will drop off

I will never take your money without checking the depth of your pyramid collection

@Shitlord how does one aspire to your standard of godliness? Can i pay in installments?

Dr. Billy’s daily slack prescription
Take all, repeat as necessary.

Beer volcanos and stripper factories are not just for pastafarians. Take control NOW in the name of "Bob"

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