@Lamprey_Systems I hear the young people speak of "Hampton's Rictus" but I haven't had the courage to ask what they mean.

Before visiting the US, I like to get up to speed on all the new trends and fashions. I feel that I have a fairly decent understanding of spank-licking, chordtunks and spastic speezo; but are there any other new orifices or food allergies that I should be familiar with?


Little known fact... this is the national anthem of Hackers.town and New Cyberia.

I am the new way to go.

I am the way of the future.

The first horror movie I ever saw in a movie theater. I attribute my love of Italian-designed leather armor to being warped by this gem at a tender age


Speaking of Silicon Embrace here's a few minutes of it at youtube offered as a dramatic reading by yours "Reverend Shirley" truly from the album "Spaceship Landing in a Cemetery" -- background sonics by Jerry King. Said album got a good review in Prog Magazine if you're into that stuff.

When Hollywood runs out of comic book movies, I have a suggestion...

You know what, I think I'd like to become more active in reclaiming some power from these hierarchical surveillance states we've found ourselves in.

I believe that would bring me joy.

The CIA Amiga BBS, (via my Apple IIe).

There's something weird about this picture...

#bbsing #appleII #retrocomputing

@onan @Lamprey_Systems

including myself. i trust the embedded systems to fix the basic stuff, but anything major like losing an arm or a leg... nope.

there isn't even a manual!

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