Me: Oh what the heck, I'll get one of them 3x5 foot flags that all the local po'buckers use to advertise Trump.

(four days later)

Me: Funny, I don't remember specifying "As big as Rhode Island" in the "size" box on the order-form.

At Dobbstown Costa Rica we don't judge a Sugenius by their race, gender or sexual orientation; but by the amount of Dobbscoin they have in their cryptowallet.

Nice batch in the mail today. Crumb, Lynch, Fleener, Friedman, Griffith...
Where their new work can be found

When a Yeti cheats on a Sex Goddess with a prairie squid the results can be fatal...

Jimmy should have known better than to ask Santa for a bike in 2020...

I could be mistaken, but I think I have an accurate sense of how little my life influences anything or anyone. What I do and do not do will never save or damn the world.

“But what if everyone thought like you do? You have to try, or pretend, or appear to try.”

Friend, I assure you: not everyone thinks like I do. I don’t even think like I do all the time, because I can change my mind and say thinks like “I could be mistaken.”

Imagine a portable device that would allow you to listen to your music without being connected to the Internet. Someday, perhaps in the far future, this technology will exist.

What the Hell is wrong with those people?

I think Christmas would have been a lot more interesting holiday if the Holy Ghost had been into dry-humping.

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