Is it possible to contract Convid-19 from a head in bag? Asking for a friend...

Trump: Respirators, ventilators, all of the equipment—try getting it yourselves,

Caligula: If only all of Rome had just one neck.

Just watched the butt-hole cut of Jane Austen's "Emma." Quite impressive!

I decree that, henceforth, 420 now has its own "Lent". For the 40 days leading up to 420, you are encouraged to stay at home and chill out in front of the teevee.

It's your patriotic duty.

You're welcome.

Note to Super Villain Donald Trump:

FIRST secure exclusive rights to virus cure.

THEN then release deadly virus.

Today I remembered a news source that I used to read often. After I read it I often felt frustrated & angry. I stopped reading it. The specific frustration & anger I felt after reading that news source stopped as well. Today I remembered that news source and thought of the frustration & anger I’d likely feel if I were to read what that news source had to say about C-19. Having remembered, I did not read that news source.

I can generate frustration & anger all on my own, no need to seek it out.

“Miri” was episode 1x11 of Star Trek, first broadcast in October 1966. That’s the one where a disease kills off all the grups (grown ups).

Zydrate Anatomy! from Repo the Genetic Opera... My new short-term-duration earworm.

"El Vuelo de García Lorca con la ayuda de Dios."

Pataphysical tribute to Lorca, el poeta de la Muerte

The best part about coronavirus is that now I can go to a nice restaurant and get right in, all the idiots are busy stockpiling toilet paper and water.

If you ever wanted a movie theater to yourself. Now is the time.

* New Health Tip From the OCDC *

To correctly judge the amount of time required to wash your hands of the COVFEFE-19 virus, sing "Innagodivida." Don't forget the drum solo...

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