gotta post this and close #krita before i get the idea of adding yet another layer

star trek strange new worlds spoiler 

spock looks less spock without the pointy sideburns

"Momma had a chicken
Momma had a cow
Dad was proud, he didn't care how"

what the literal eff

"Our measurements showed an overlapping particle function -- therefore no Bragg peaks -- a clear sign of the absence of classical magnetic order," said Bianchi.

pffft, *obviously*!

food mention, tormented afterlife 

just ate a dark chocolate coated marshmallow from The Chocolate Grove, I'm going to hell

the existence of freshmen implies the existence of stalemen, rottingmen and re-entered the ecosystem-men

left my tablet at tryssa's place last night. just now it occurred to me that i could use the "find my tablet" function to play the alert sound on it, remotely. it'd play the alert sound. at 5:00 am.

*theme from your favourite TV show but the lyrics are all "mew mew mew"*

there was a note from the supervisor attached to this week's roster email that basically said "please turn up because next week will be very busy"

sounds a bit desperate

spite the demiurge and this circus of a world we are in by organizing and going to gscons and other fun things with your friends and enjoying yourselves

i would change my name, just to start a law firm called Pish and Tosh Associates.

I know zero about the law aside from having watched Boston Legal

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