happy birthday, mitsu. may you reveive a visit from Cake Dog and Present Cat.

*gonna get in early in case i'm asleep later*

watching these is like eating popcorn chicken. they only go for about two minutes.

still whistling the background music from


even though the last few times i visited there weren't any cats visible, and the last time there was, it was a still frame.

noisemaker bot posted this earlier. just realised it'd make an amazing cover for "Eyelash", but only if people had already read to the part where the Pink souls were being extracted and stored in shiny purple spheres.

it's so cold here right now that the Collins Street Falcon has her head tucked into her feathers.

it's quite cold outside right now. i can't feel my fingers. slightly annoyed that rain gets this cold in Melbourne but it doesn't snow.

weird bug in Blackplayer Ex (android music player). it seems that so far, when adding tracks to a playlist, you have to be able to pinpoint them by searching. this is fine if you're adding songs from an album called "Kamakiriad", but inexplicably it has a blind spot when it comes to "eldorado".

.. actually, i think i've found the problem. when i look at the mp3 metadata, the album name for several of the songs has been set to "face the music" - a previous ELO album. *derp*

@Nikolai_Kingsley I already have a Litany Against Anxiety:

"It's okay. Everything is okay. This is just a thing that's happening, I can't control it, and that's okay. Everything that matters is still okay. I'm okay."

there should be a word for the sense of falling expectations you experience when you watch a video and near the end you realise it's just a CGI demo and that what looked like it might be a story... isn't. there isn't going to be a satisfying conclusion. just special effects.


god damn it mitsu, i've had this song stuck in my head all day.

the resident's version.


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