Dean... I... I'm so sorry... I know I say it a lot, but.. Dean... I really am very sorry...

my dear, esteemed fellow Subgenii.. today, i QUIT MY JOB! and i am about to SLACK THE HELL OFF!

it was an amicable parting. they wanted me to spend an extra hour commuting, for the same pay, and i said "'ej chuqtaHvIS tuq" 😁

Supernatural is just Manicheanism with special effects, change my mind

it wednesday, but australians get the next two days off work, so it almost fridey

cake mention 

me: thanks for remembering my birthday, everyone, and also thanks for remembering the diet i'm on when y-

everyone: cake!


Mastodon needs a "hide this specific post" feature.

Humphrey B Bear had a message so transgressive, so paradigm-shattering that they would not let him speak. they cut his microphone feed.

watch him flap his mouth helplessly.

watch him dance, trying to tell you -

this is the first time many people have heard the Funeral March all the way through 🤨

unheimlich feels when the local woolworths rearranges its shelves. still no idea where they moved the quiches.

also referring to a woolworths like it was some kind of single entity

unless you like picking tiny dots of fluff off your clothes, don't wash your work top in the same load as your bamboo socks.

falling about laughing as we try to assemble products and the pieces keep breaking, and the supervisors are all off in a meeting with one of our suppliers to discuss the problem of parts breaking.

There's a difference between:

a) people who enjoy listening to podcasts, and

b) people who think everyone needs to stop what they're doing and start listening to podcasts

The latter group is more pushy about their obsession than almost anyone else I routinely encounter.

"Rego" is an Australian abbreviation for "I just paid my car registration fee, and i am now poor"

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