Elrond Hubbard

> I saved a hobbit's life today
> I could have sent him to Mordor, but I didn't

still looking for a choral version of Haydn's Magnificat in G Major that's as good as my memories from the choir when i was 8

this reminds me of that one time at the Maroondah Festival in Croydon when Tim Friedman of The Whitlams got up on stage and drunkenly ran through a rendition of Elton John's "Benny and the Jets".

he changed the lyrics to "Dodi at the Ritz".

> boss says hay let's modify the machine
> with a teflon strip glued to the rollers
> glue gives off fumes
> we all get sick
> it didn't work
> remove the teflon, scrub the rollers with methylated spirits
> we all get sick
> try gluing a new sheet of teflon using a STINKIER glue
> we all get sick
> it still doesn't work

yay, half day

finished backing up android device. that was way too quick. i suspect the Samsung/windows USB interface is crap.

just ate a bunch of snow peas and it resulted in that warm feeling in the pit of the stomach you only get from a shot of brandy. i have no idea what's going on down there, but i blame these little sods.

So Alexander the Great dies in 323, and LESS THAN TWO YEARS LATER we get the Council of Nicaea? AND WE'RE SUPPOSED TO THINK IT'S A COINCIDENCE? WAKE UP, BEEPLES!

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