for some time i thought a funko pop was a kind of icecream. icy, flavored ice thing on a stick, whatever the American word for it is.

i am going to Bunnings for an almost entirely frivolous reason and nobody can stop me.

mfw for no very good reason i just remembered what was said on the X-Day Zoom conference about having sex with a mail box full of slugs.

eeee come on, we've only got two and a half hours before the end of the world, maybe!

5 hours left until the world ends.

wat do?

*browses sankakucomplex*

*Comic Book guy voice* Oh, I've wasted my life.

"If today you have wine, get drunk today;
pay no heed to what is at the door, be it good or ill.
Poetry and wine are good enough to make the day glad;
high deeds must take their turn, glory can afford to wait."
- Monkey (Great Sage, Equal of Heaven)

when trying to sort out audio problems with zoom, perhaps the least useful help i've been given is "figure your shit out".

buy oil burner

buy what looks like a pack of tea candles

... they're LED lights, and don't give off any heat.


"Jedermann macht eine kleine Dummheit." - Burroughs

you have to expect non-linearity if you start keeping a dream diary, particularly if you make the notes while you're still half asleep.

""Okay, was that just me? or are we all going to pretend it didn't happen?"

tl;dr: the Terminator films got so many sequels that the temporal anomalies multiplied and everyone in existence got to play multiple parts until we all merged into a grey, undifferentiated mob in a rapidly falling underground river of muddy ash.

i have a new temporary obsession / project. currently summoning the courage to email manufacturers and ask them about making a shallow acrylic dome, narrowed along one axis and coated with reflective material, to make a face mask.

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