yes! the latest missive from Rev. Onan Canobite arrived! news, stickers, badges -

and a strip of paper. blank? *peers through lens from an old betamax video camera* can't see any secret codes... maybe written in lemon juice? or milk?

gonna buy a microscope tomorrow. i WILL decode this.

when are Gary Numan and Trent Reznor just going to fuc^H^H^H record an album together?

> decide to reduce overall mass
> strenuous effort for a week
> reduce overall mass by three percent

i know you are, but what am i?

> how many calories in one frootloop

> why would you want to know that?


goddamn it, it's raining heavily again. but i am going for a walk anyway.

"Nick Cave's Smokes" isn't a sea shanty, but it sounds like one.

also, i had an idea for an extra part but we'd probably need to re-record the whole song.

wondering how practical it would be to record separate pieces and send them to each other.


?utm_source=that guy with no pants ranting on the street corner about how cosmic jesus owed him a hundred bitcoins

me listening to the latest Hour of Slack and hearing Rev. Stang read out parts of "eyelash"

5:00 am
text message
"that thing you ordered.. will be delivered in one week."


today's hobby: downloading low res Vaughn Bodē artwork from sadpanda, zooming it with waifux2 and then color correcting it.


This is a book. I wrote it. It has giant robot battles, alien squid and purple-haired elf girls and Subgenius paranoia.

available from the Church of the Subgenius website:

or, if you have to, Amazon:

*stupid post from a paypig user, mute them*

*another stupid post from another paypig user, mute them*

i know better than to plot a graph from two points. still...

@Nikolai_Kingsley reminds me of this one time me and my GF of the time forgot to shut the window to the condo backyard and i imagine us walking out of there and the other tenants had gathered in front of a table to hold up score signs...

you are now aware that green tea strawberry desert sandwiches are a thing in Japan.

carry on.

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