> be me
> post something mildly humorous on slashdot
> get a horrified response
> lose it completely
> post an insane rant about government being nonhuman multicellular organisms not beholden to human standards of morality
> click "post"

sweet creeping jesus, what have i done?


"There is only one thing worse than getting older... and that is not getting older."

> he didn't say this. i did

My take on the whole RMS thing 

another awkward moment when someone's private fetish makes it to the screen

awkward moment when someone's private fetish makes it to the screen

I feel like this isn't getting enough attention folks

Barbie sure has an awful lot of shit for a girl whose knees doesn't bend.


> invents kitten-shaped mouse
> spends all the time scritching it between the ears
> gets no work done
> doesn't care

Q: Actor's name that sounds like an underwater fart

A: Edward Woodward

> i am not proud of this joke

short, shameful confession 

iphone 11 users experiencing trypophobia: they removed the headphone jack, what more do you want?


It's called an autumn tale because
It autumn make you think
- Handlesman, "Rime of the Ancient Mariner"

i tried to think of a bot that i might host at fedibooks, but all i could think of was a bot that just says "I'll be the judge of that!" to everything, and that would be incredibly annoying.

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