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after the war there weren't as many people around

so i could concentrate on designing my disintegrator ray
with help from my old friend Russ Wuertz

and when i'd built it

i went up into the mountains

and carved the pyramids out of them.

Larry said that was cheating.

i said you don't say things like that to the guy with the disintegrator, Larry.

i don't remember where i found this, but it was called "Dune: Harkonnen Theme", and it might have come from one of the Westwood games. i've watched a lot of youtube videos from these, but i've never found this particular tune.

anyone recognise it?

why did i wake up from a dream with the words "dosshu buredo" in my mind?

mfw i put a youtube url in a picture description, knowing they can't click on it

really enjoying the idea of a Dune film / series done entirely with cats. it's much better than my concept of "The Dosadi Experiment" done entirely with sock puppets.

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