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a funny thing to do is when people talk about being "spiritual" going "yeah, im spritual myself" and just name all the spirits you've ever drunk

I'm taking advantage of this social isolation to catalogue the musical aspects of The Archive into Discogs. Once I'm finished, I should be able to avoid picking up duplicate items in my searches unless I do so purposely!

the most cognitohazardous threat you can ever give someone. seriously, this is powerful stuff. this can break people. (cw: it's crude but VERY silly) 

d-d-d-daddy? wh-whuh-whatdoes-what does 'regret' mean?

The folks panic-buying TP are merely channeling their inner Cornholios.

in the future people will think "the internet" was a cult

Last night was a blast. Ate delicious bar food, saw some local doom/stoner metal bands play a free show. Also picked up this beer that the other denizens of will appreciate.

For me, today was just another day. Whether I am single or in any sort of relationship, I avoid "Hallmark holidays" as much as I can.

Those of you out there in the void bemoaning your loneliness/singleness, I say to you: this is bullshit designed to compel you to buy/behave a certain way. Reject it and you will be better off!

Don't buy into the myth of "your other half" to be happy and complete. If you can't be fulfilled on your own, nobody else can fix that with their presence in your life.

everybody #onhere routinely shits on culture that was formative and valuable and precious to someone else. the album that propped you up during your darkest times is an absolute throwaway punchline to someone else. if everyone has the latitude to be a critic, this is just how pop culture discussions are gonna go.

and heads up, kids who are 15 right now are gonna be Very Online in a few years with a checklist of everything that ever mattered you and they fucking HATE it all.

This morning’s jam: The Sweet’s BALLROOM BLITZ.

Original, still the best, and let’s fucking rock.

if you want older people to like your shitposts you just have to reference things in them only old people remember, like phone booths, or video rental stores

Here are some candy hearts written by the neural net GPT-2. It's one of the most powerful text-generating neural nets out there, but I don't think it really knows what is expected of a candy heart.

you ever wonder if some people see certain communities and their memes/in jokes and initially wonder if they're being no soap radioed

Found another 10mm socket in the parking lot the other day. This is the third or fourth one of these I've stumbled upon since I became aware of how common it is for this one particular size socket to disappear/walk off.

Pins and patch from @Cryoclaire arrived! These are awesome. "Task failed" pin is gonna be a surprise for my friend!

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