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Thanks, @onan - the free prize had attemped to escape the envelope but arrived merely peeking out!

​I made stickers! You can have some!

TL;DR get me your address and I will mail you a sticker or two!

To recap from earlier:
1. DM me an address, it doesn't have to be your home address! Could be work, school, friend's house? Alternately you can email

2. Fucking glow in the dark! Well the alien ones at least

3. You don't have to pay me! I mean I won't stop you if you want to but it is not the goal here

4. Neither of these are my joke/ideas but I did create the images/arts

The best efforts of the USPS did not keep me from receiving my copy of the Mirror! Thanks, Rev. Onan!

Online dating: If you want a picture of the future, imagine a human finger, swiping left, forever.

Yet another place where "Bob's" philosophical secret of wanting what is already happening will save your sanity! :jrbd:

I'm awake, far earlier than I should be. Thinking about some of my favorite authors and how different things might have been had they chosen music as their creative outlet instead.

In that world, Hunter S. Thompson may be either a Jim Morrison or a Lemmy... while Harlan Ellison would likely have a Zappa-esque catalogue spanning multiple genres. Lyrics are easy to imagine from their writings, but what would their music sound like?

Late last month, I learned that my job selling gas and smokes was deemed "essential" and was given a paper to prove it should the other shoe drop and checkpoints be erected. The wording on this paper is the corporate/legalese version of the Discordian pope card - "The bearer works for X company so please treat them right (by letting them bypass any curfews or other restrictions)!"

I'm taking advantage of this social isolation to catalogue the musical aspects of The Archive into Discogs. Once I'm finished, I should be able to avoid picking up duplicate items in my searches unless I do so purposely!

the most cognitohazardous threat you can ever give someone. seriously, this is powerful stuff. this can break people. (cw: it's crude but VERY silly) 

"I'm gonna make you shit my pants"

The folks panic-buying TP are merely channeling their inner Cornholios.

Last night was a blast. Ate delicious bar food, saw some local doom/stoner metal bands play a free show. Also picked up this beer that the other denizens of will appreciate.

For me, today was just another day. Whether I am single or in any sort of relationship, I avoid "Hallmark holidays" as much as I can.

Those of you out there in the void bemoaning your loneliness/singleness, I say to you: this is bullshit designed to compel you to buy/behave a certain way. Reject it and you will be better off!

Don't buy into the myth of "your other half" to be happy and complete. If you can't be fulfilled on your own, nobody else can fix that with their presence in your life.

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