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I never know how I get myself into these kinds of situations 🙈

The Most Mysterious Song On The Internet (Inverted)

The record label run by German chemical company BASF AG, started financing recordings of classical music in the 1930s and started making stereo recordings in the early 1940s. In the 50s mostly classical and jazz records and later on some popular music as well.

Gotta love the mechanisms of life and death. Our brains are hardwired to store massive amounts of limitless information. 86 billion neurons firing off day in, and day out. Possibly experiencing a infinite amount of time in a day whether we know it or not.

Some people will laugh at the tooth fairy and get all worked up about the truth fairy.

Truth, honesty, consistency, following the rules... how's that working out for you?

If you hate Trump, Trump is the distraction that keeps you from seeing the fnords.

If you hate Biden, Biden is the distraction that keeps you from seeing the fnords.

Many other things can distract you from seeing the fnords.

Sending your money to "Bob" does not keep you from seeing the fnords.

The Book of the SubGenius is so full of fnords you might miss them.

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