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Call for donations 

Sticker exchange update:

As some folks here know I've been doing a letter and sticker exchange for the last several months. Some people send really cool stuff back, others say nothing which is fine, as long as it brings some joy. Starting next month I'll be losing the extra funding that allowed me to send cool stuff regularly so I have a few options - I could wait until I start earning more or I can try to collect donations to keep it going...


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I once paid $35 to go to a fancy NYC art museum. I found the art to be boring and pretentious - infuriating at times. They didn't allow people to get within 6 ft. of a painting and the place was so crowded there was no way you could really inspect a piece.

Then, I paid $35 to join the Church of the Subgenius. I found a built-in community of misfits and malcontents and a lifetime of interesting art to inspect as closely as I want!

"Bob" is the obvious choice. :jrbd:

I just heard from @Prof_Trixie that there is a nice bot on here so 69

All hail @RevXenoFact for this surprise gift! There was no name on the box just addressed here so it was extra mysterious then said, "I bet a Subgenius sent me this" and sure enough! I will cherish these souls and consult them as needed - thank you!

(My cult is the best cult :jrbd:)

Thinking of joining The Antique Phonograph Society - $35/year, hmmmm..
They claim to "know the true story behind the Victor name - finally!" I thought I knew the story behind the name; I'm curious, now.

Star Trek: Prodigy spoiler - sort of 

Star Trek: Prodigy is back and getting better. They have the "D"!

Happy Harry Reser Day!

Banjoist and band-director,
Harry Reser was born today
in Piqua, Ohio in 1896.

I was working on my Richard Ayoade impression all day while singing this song. I think I got the accent and nasally part down just need more dialog. Been watching "Garth Marenghi's Darkplace".

I'm feeling a lot better than I have for a really long time. My hands are raw and my back hurts but it's a relief to be employed after years isolation and disability. I don't have to do a ton of hours or think too hard which helps - plenty of time and energy to do what I want!

The devil made me do it, but I also kind of really wanted to..

Thanks to @drux I get to try these tomorrow. Goes to show you never know what a Subgenius might do - they might make art, they might send you a jar of pickled okra. I like fried okra and I like pickles...hmmm.. 🤔 :jrbd:

It took me three months from the date I got hired at the grocery store to actual training. There are lots of other places hiring but I needed a thing I could do that's willing to give me under 25 hours / wk. Seems like a lot of incompetence and tolerance for no call / no showing which is insane to me. People just don't show up and they seem "ok" with it even if it's a burden to others. At least I don't have to ring anyone up and I can hide in the back if I have to.

Kittehs: Io and Charlie

Io is a delicate Lady..

Charlie flops into belly rubs. He's hard to get a picture of.

Generations have thrilled to the daring exploits of "The Dobbstown Mirror." Get yours today!


green enhanced HHG's - black tourmaline, black onyx, real gold, turqouoise, copper flakes, aluminum, and tigers eye with amethyst cathedral points buried inside :) if anyone wants one of these, let me know here or just go buy it off the website and click enhanced HHG - thank you for your consideration (3 available right now)

" is in desperate need of Funding !

With all of the chaos in the world
today it has become increasingly more difficult to obtain donations necessary to keep our web-site up and running.

So if you believe in the longevity
and preservation of 'vintage jazz'
as I do please aide us in our plight.

We Really Need Your Help to Survive in 2022 !!"

To Contribute Click Here:

In a Louis Jordan mood. He IS the King of rock n' roll!

"Reet Petite and Gone" (1947)

"Born yesterday in Mozambican,
South African in 1898, Al Bowlly
was destined to one day become
one of the greatest male vocalists
of the 20th Century.

Beginning his career as a guitarist
with Edgar Adeler's dance orchestra, Bowlly later traveled to London where he worked primarily as a pop singer with bands directed by Fred Elizalde,
Ray Noble, Roy Fox and Lew Stone."

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