A SubGenius will always recognize another SubGenius. Sometimes because the two click as if lifelong friends recently reunited. Sometimes because it takes a SubGenius to be so irritating, wrong and foolish.

What requires dedicated effort is recognizing the latent SubGenius, the one who just needs that one moment of encouragement toward slack.

You can accelerate that process by purchasing gift memberships in The Church of the SubGenius.

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...So we watched this "movie", "Fungicide" today. There's a scene of a pro wrestling match against a giant mushroom! At least we saw the riffed version. Proceed with caution...and Frop


*Screenshots below*

nspiration for today's #inkyDays drawing comes from one of the stickers I send out for my #StickersAndStamps project. Finished drawing is now posted for my patrons (all levels): patreon.com/posts/51062746

#generativeart #ink #patreoncreator

My boyfriend got me a Huion Kamvas Pro 20 for my birthday! 😱 It's still a few days away, but he thought I'd have more time to enjoy it now, rather than next week. ❤ So this is my first piece with it (besides some test doodles during setup). The colors on the display are somehow still a bit too saturated, but it's ok for now. :) Looking forward to make many more pieces with it!

#art #mastoart #DigitalArt #flowers #spring

There's not a lot of lawn and we have thieves around here but I'd like to build cozy shelters for local stray cats with a camera setup.

Today maybe 7 so 4 your time? Or most anytime tomorrow. I've been staying up later so I could easily be up until 10. Yeah my energy level may drop if I eat a big meal. Burger King is on the way...

Roughly 42"x30 when he hems are done. It took bout 2,500 Swarovski flatbacks. I plan on making more, perhaps as gifts but with cheaper stones. Now, where to hang it? Praise "Bob" for providing the Slack needed to create such a ridiculous item! :jrbd:

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20 years ago Douglas Adams died. This made a lot of people very upset and has been widely regarded as a bad move.

The constitution says all men are created equal, Jack, but if you look at me, and you look at Samoa Joe, you can see that that's not true

"Give me Slack, or give me Apache helicopters, Sidewinder Missiles and nuclear warheads." - Rev. Ivan Stang getting all worked up on Hour of Slack radio broadcast

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"Powerhouse" in Looney Tunes cartoons - compiled by The Raymond Scott Archive


Got my second jab today. It didn't give me super powers like last time.

This 18 second video is the most important thing you'll ever see! IT MAY SAVE YOUR LIFE!
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