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Call for donations 

Sticker exchange update:

As some folks here know I've been doing a letter and sticker exchange for the last several months. Some people send really cool stuff back, others say nothing which is fine, as long as it brings some joy. Starting next month I'll be losing the extra funding that allowed me to send cool stuff regularly so I have a few options - I could wait until I start earning more or I can try to collect donations to keep it going...


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I once paid $35 to go to a fancy NYC art museum. I found the art to be boring and pretentious - infuriating at times. They didn't allow people to get within 6 ft. of a painting and the place was so crowded there was no way you could really inspect a piece.

Then, I paid $35 to join the Church of the Subgenius. I found a built-in community of misfits and malcontents and a lifetime of interesting art to inspect as closely as I want!

"Bob" is the obvious choice. :jrbd:

I don't know if the emulsion is on too thick, if I didn't expose long enough or what but the image was very hard to get right. Some places the emulsion scraped off where it wasn't supposed to so I put tape over those places. This will have to be redone at some point. Anyway, 5" Dobbshead accomplished!

Selfie / EC 

Tonight we are watching Homoti at the Catskill Maker Syndicate. We're going into this *together*. We still need a name for our alien mascot!

Bunny hair clip variation: blue, pink, purple. I've added a Sakura charm to this set.

All hand sewn!

The great Dick Contino! He was cast in two movies MST3K did: Girl's Town and Daddy-O. They tried to sell him as a rock n roll heart throb but he's already a rockin' accordionist! I somehow came to own two of his 78s form the 50's. He sounds MORE amazing on shellac!

Thingularity radio will be live tonight from 7-8 pm eastern. We have somewhat regular guest Tom Ditto and his son, David talking about climate change and several stories from the last month of science and tech news. We are also streaming video on our YT channel and Twitch (direct links later).

Listen live or archived on!
YT channel:

Everyone you don't like or disagree with is either stupid and incompetent OR evil and highly effective OR BOTH, depending on your preference moment by moment! It's EASY when you have RELIGION, and the EASIEST RELIGION OF ALL (requiring $35 and nothing else, ever) remains...

The Church of the SubGenius


Guess who's back? It's me, the guy who took some time off of streaming for some Reasons. Anyway, I'm painting tonight and you can be there too! There's music and fun and me chatting while I paint. Come on through!

NOW HEARD MONDAYS on <-- awesome all week!

Rev. Fanboy's FunTime
Mon., Aug. 30, 2021

6p PT / 9p ET - 20th Century Broadcasting

You Bet Your Life f/Groucho Marx 12/27/1950

6:30p PT / 9:30p ET - Rev. Fanboy's FunTime
Mostly music, always different

8:30p PT / 11:30 ET - Pat Novak, For Hire
Jack of Clubs - 12/02/1949

Thank you, for the new promo art! Praise Dobbs!

Rev. Fanboy Discord:

JB Weld
And a beer can
Good as new

- a poem by Bryan X Catwrangler of the Catskill Maker Syndicate.

I'm really on a salad kick right now. I want salad almost every day. This is totally new as I usually crave more salty or savory foods. The cool crunch of fresh veggies seems right for the summer.

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