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I once paid $35 to go to a fancy NYC art museum. I found the art to be boring and pretentious - infuriating at times. They didn't allow people to get within 6 ft. of a painting and the place was so crowded there was no way you could really inspect a piece.

Then, I paid $35 to join the Church of the Subgenius. I found a built-in community of misfits and malcontents and a lifetime of interesting art to inspect as closely as I want!

"Bob" is the obvious choice. :jrbd:

Normal: "What are you doing for Fourth of July?"

SubGenius: "Saying goodbye."

The next issue of “The Dobbstown Mirror” has been completed and will be delivered to the printer tomorrow. Estimated arrival around the globe on July 1st. Can you be ready to receive this astounding document - and the remarkable unprecedented holy artifact that will be mailed with it at no extra charge? CAN YOU? Answer yes.

The Great Dr. Hal signed this comic for my BFF, Nezyx - artfully I might add. Thanks to Prof. Pressure and @senator for making this moment possible! :jrbd:

Hello! I’m Marika Paz, an artist living on the Northern California coast in the redwoods! I draw and paint magical woodland creatures ❤️ #mastoart #introduction

X-Day has come and gone, but YOU can still experience the end of the world! Right now! In the comfort and safety of your own home!

Raw streams are available here:

Individual song-by-song chunks edited by @FriarQuazar here:

@senator @onan I have 46 videos from the long stream of individual songs, and youtube has a daily upload limit :|

How can I share these with yetis at large?

Currently uploading to my gDrive and will share the folder after. I mean, you can see the folder NOW if you want...

In the big time!

The "patron" mentioned is not me, but a friend of mine. When I mentioned that I had the film, he thought it would be good to have it transferred.



All hail @reverendrobodummy for TWO super Slackful packages - just in time for the End Of The World!

Do you feel like you diagonally parked in a parallel universe? Get your perpendicular straightened out!


Special! This weekend only! The "G" Lodge, 81 Keller RD, Hannibal, NY 13074

Get tickets now!*

*expect harsh language

Balloon Genitals 

Well, I haven't forgotten how to make adult balloons. They can be made into strap-ons easily.

I really want to see a Subgenius pin up calendar. No rules, I just want to see what people come up with. If I didn't already have so much on my plate I'd put a serious call for collaborators.

Born on today's date in New Orleans
in 1897 Sidney Bechet would one day
come to be revered as the greatest
soprano saxophonist of all time.

Beginning with various bands
in 1914 young Sidney's extensive
travels allowed him to perform
in New York, Chicago, and even
Europe further developing his
expressive sound; all the while
spreading his musical artistry
around the globe."

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