I personally dislike Thxgiving for a lot of reasons, but I do have my movies to make it somewhat palatable.

First, the 1972 classic "Blood Freak". Still unsure if the anti-drug religious sentiment is tongue in cheek or not.


This was the book being read by a patient in the waiting room. Described by Possum County Folk Art & Collectibles as a "classic outhouse book"

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All hail Flip The Frog - the anti-Mickey! He's had every job, smoked opium as a cop, and he'll beat the crap of you! Great music as always 🐸 youtu.be/tQFsjWr5wdM

So I've gone by Trixie since I was 16 but when I started going to pro-wrestling school in 2001 I needed a gimmick. I knew I wanted to be a heel. I had recently discovered the Co$ and wanted to show my dedication to Devo. My character was a mad scientist who came out with laser guns to the theme "We're Through Being Cool". No pro matches since I was the only female wrestler around, but that is the genesis of Prof. Trixie von Mothersbaugh! It's still my performer name no matter what I do.

Slackful song of the day and my favorite of Randy Newman's. I should hope someone has done a burlyQ / boylesque act to this.


Gotta say, I'm glad to be here - or anywhere away from mainstream social media. Been on Telegram for 3 years and I love it although people have their issues with the app. Been on FB for 11 and trying to shed it as much as possible.
Switched to Linux almost 4 years ago and haven't looked back.

More of a right-brained creative so still learning the tech stuff, but happy to be challenged. Installed Slackware on a VM recently for "fun". The adventure continues!

It's a small town but I have a congregation of geeks and nutters ready to distribute propaganda. Ready to enlighten and / or confuse! :pp01:

Big Nerf Bazooka Packs a Wallop

Nerf blasters are a fun toy, often confiscated from children once they hit one too many precious ornaments around the home in the midst of battle. [Ivan Miranda] is bigger than most children however, and set about buildin… hackaday.com/2020/11/20/big-ne

Original tweet : twitter.com/hackaday/status/13

Bedtime story??

Not sure if this has been shared. Mysterious 90's VHS, weird animation, weirder stories.
"The Films of Nanny Lynn: Princess Emiluma, The Story Of Srebrenica, & Bob The Blob"

Unpleasant dreams...


It's been a while since I've had a music radio show so nice to catch up on geek music 🦎

"I see my friends go by chained to proprietary code" 💚 youtu.be/b0tsZB_LEQk

When people ask me what the Church of the Subgenius is, the only short answer I can give is "If Devo ran the Church of Satan".

I used to read LaVey but I never felt compelled to join, especially after his death. They are somehow too goofy and not goofy enough.

First post here...
Forged in the fires of Dallas televangelist hypocrisy and long time follower of "Bob". I'm not much of a joiner but the time was right to become ordained. I figured if the JWs can distribute propaganda in our parks so can I!

"Is it a cult? A joke? Performance art?"



Church of the SubGenius Members-Only MastoDobbs.