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"J. R. "Bob" Dobbs and the Church of the Subgenius: This was fun, a fun documentary about a cult that was very important to me in my formative years." - Jamie Zawinski, one of the founders of Netscape and

Dobbsian documentary details...


Uspol, fascism 

Horseshoe theory is wrong, and accusing leftists of fascism only helps fascists.

USA Politics, ableism 

I'm seeing lots of posts without CW about this so I'll add one with it.

Do not mock the president's stutter.

Just like Trump was trash but making fun of his weight was unacceptable, Biden's stutter is off limits too.

Thanks to the very good graces of FEIT C TAJ, Rev. Fanboy's FunTime now appears at 7p PT/10p ET Tuesdays on Please attend if able.

Only kooks and cranks and weirdos believe in an open-secret international ring of pedophiles protected by the governments of the world... that isn't the Roman Catholic Church.

NEW! :jrbd: Hour of Slack #1813 - An Eyelash on the Dobbstown Mirror :jrbd:

The first full-length SubGenius science fiction novel, EYELASH by Nikolai Kingsley, is now available, and Rev. Stang reads an excerpt from it. He also reads the latest Mirror (in stages) as well as a new rant by Onan. Interspersed are classic be…

What happens when you play 8 SubGenius radio shows at the same time? All credit and donuts to Puzzling Evidence, Dr. Hal, and KrOB.

It’s not too late. You aren’t so old or set in your ways to be unable to learn how to be a far worse human being. I don’t mean thinking mean thoughts, or saying mean words. I mean active bad deeds in the physical world. To yourself, to strangers, to those who care about you. You’ve seen it done and you’ve seen them get away with it. Why shouldn’t you?

Any answer you have for that question is correct. And if you have no answer, an answer will be provided for you faster than you can imagine.

Zine from late 80s by my friend that had the leather jacket with "Bob" on the back.

Jim MacGeorge, best known by cartoon fans as the voice actor of Beany and Captain Huffenpuff from Bob Clampett's TV classic "Beany & Cecil", has passed on today.

Check out the new SubG Kids album Dr. Katana007 and I recorded last weekend.

Synopsis Written By Dr. Katana007:

Hop into the wormhole that is the subversive reality soiled in saucership exhaust with the SubG Kids for a 50 min excursion on the Blueberry Butter Pecan Express. Always lo-fi, multi-genre, folk comedy improv escapism~

If you need an excuse to make an excuse, you’re already one layer too deep. Just do things, for “no reason.” The rational mind is for rationalizations, not rationality. I’m not saying if it feels good do it, I’m saying that action can happen. Disimmobilize! You no longer need to wait for permission. No guarantee you’ll get it right, but you will get it going. Start moving and course correct. Make up some fool explanation at the end if you want, but go! Cross the starting line. Spread the word!

uspol, fascism

"Especially white Americans don’t like to hear it, but we got to the “coup” stage of fascism because we didn’t impeach at the concentration camps, cages, family separations, beatings, gassing, disappearances. Fascism’s a pattern of escalation and nobody tried to really break it"

today's hobby: downloading low res Vaughn Bodē artwork from sadpanda, zooming it with waifux2 and then color correcting it.

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