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A present for the next guest at this hotel. Praise “Bob!"
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It's a good day to become an .

A good day to stop believing the bullshit that everyone wants you to believe.


• Why Vote? It doesn't matter anyway.
• There are ways to quit paying taxes that are legal.
• Build your own network within your community.
• Figure out how to stop being dependent on everyone else

Stop the bullshit, become an anarchist.

The doesn't care what you do. Just don't use force or coercion against them. They are not the prickly, subversive crazies that are depicted by media or TV, they are individuals who don't believe in coercion.

The state is the prime force of coercion in the world and therefore is not a valid system of group organization.

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Thank you to Rev. @drshoggoth for technical assistance in setting up the virtual X-Day (VEX-DAY) for this final year of life on earth.

Car dudes are the male equivalent to horse girls.

Prove me wrong.

Across every city and town, haunted hamlet and huddled harbor, toxic industrial wasteland and soul destroying corporate Cubicles , Zontar is with us.

July 5th 7am... and a decided lack of flying saucers. This can ONLY mean that this year, like the past 22 years, was not the REAL 1998. J. R. "Bob" Dobbs prophesied that the escape vessels would appear 7/5/98 and we must not waver for a moment in our iron-ribbed faith that this truth will be made manifest.

Perhaps your cult has made promises and not delivered? NONETHELESS the Church of the SubGenius lurches on, and so can you!



we must continually post positive mentions toward the efficacy of using charts and graphs for charts and graph to remain effective. That's basically how meme's work as thought constructs or vehicles of abstract non-localized thought processes.

subgenius swears a speaking dobbshead, happy users of the promised kingdom of peace.

It's the Conspiracy year 2020, and the world has fully stopped making sense. You can suffer in your loss of narrative, or, through the Church Of The Subgenius, learn to accept and enjoy the only actual fact-- that the world never made sense at all.

$35 separates you from learning how to make a delusional world more comfortable.

X-Day letdown dinner with my all-dues-paid SubG polycule. Swedish ragbrod and various toppings, shots of akavit, and cocktails, cigars, and hours of shit talking. Frankly, I could be in my Pleasure Saucer and not know.

It is dangerous to be right when the government is wrong.
-- Voltaire

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Crystal Dobbs Head #47 - Garden of Unearthly Delights - Old Dobbstown

The Church of the SubGenius: Eternal salvation or triple your money back.
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