I'm pretty sure I'm completely done with the "Subgenius" groups on Facebook. Pity, but at least dobbs.town endures.

I have long since Repented. As of today, I have also Quit My Job.

Easy drop of a Copy Page 3 item in the men's bathroom in Pinktown, Anywhere, US. ""Bob" brings a new destiny for America"

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@HMLivy Thanks! That little artwork is from a sheet of similar items called Copy Page 3. The Church of the SubGenius sends a few with each order. It is also found in the Book of the SubGenius. I find good Slack cutting them up into squares and filling my wallet with them. I then drop them everywhere I go. Http://www.subgenius.com
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"Bob" didn't start the Church of the SubGenius to forgive your sins. "Bob" is there to justify your sins. Did you think the rational mind was for something other than rationalization? We got all the way from "Who told you that you were naked?" to “Truly, truly, I say to you, unless one is born [IE NAKED] again he cannot see the kingdom of God” and Christianity still can't figure out its sins. The Church of the SubGenius has as many sins as sinners! New models daily? YES.

:jrbd: subgenius.com

This is out today on a name-your-own-price basis for those who like Negativland-like collage goodness. From Animals Within Animals.


The eye by which you see "Bob" is the same as the eye by which "Bob" sees you.
He watches you back through those endless Dobbsheads.
Your eye and "Bob's" are one and the same
one in seeing,
one in knowing,
one in loving.

The conspiracy teaches: You can blame yourself for any problem in the world and find absolution.

J.R. "Bob" Dobbs teaches: Why bother with all that guilt when you can just buy a divine all-inclusive excuse!

You decide. :jrbd:

@trwnh There probably will be a world with, as you say, no slack. When that day comes, on July 5th, I'll be waving bye bye from my saucer on my way to Planet X. I'm not staying around for a world without Slack. "Bob" has me covered and when he comes we'll all be covered by the glorious white smoke of his Pipe. Bye bye!

@trwnh Great question. A world without Slack is a post-apocalyptic reality that will happen unless we: repent, quit our jobs, and Slack off. We are dangerously close to that world right now, a Slackless wasteland of zombies and drones marching the same norms of their so-called 'society.' Only JR "Bob" Dobbs and his Doctrine of Slack can save us. Won't you join us? Visit the SubGenius Foundation and the Church of the SubGenius for more. Praise "Bob' and Let There Be Slack!

The Church of the SubGenius: “To dull the pain of existence in a world without Slack.” Yes, this means something… but what? Find out at:

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Who are some of the millions (AND MILLIONS) who are connected directly or indirectly to dobbs.town ? Are YOU? All paid members of the Church of the SubGenius are welcome to petition for a passport to dobbs.town and all other fediversals are encouraged to see our SLACK in ACTION.

:jrbd: s u b g e n i u s . c o m


Unfathomable Germinations in the Garden of Unintended Comprehension - East of Dobbstown

I brought this kitty home a few years ago from Mutiny Information Cafe in Denver. It looks like my cat from when I was a teenager. We named him Anton Smokey LaVey. Hail Smokey! :angery:

NEW! :jrbd: Hour of Slack #1746 - Uncle Onan and Dr. Hal Put the Odd in Audio :jrbd:

"What wrestling is to violence, and what pornography is to sex, The Church of the SubGenius is to religion." -- Onan. This is one of those rare episodes that proves that smart SubGeniuses actually exist, or at least SubGenii who SEEM very smart. That's bec…


The Church of the SubGenius heals ruined members of a crumbling society! Find out how - do it now!

:jrbd: subgenius.com

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