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Hello world!

We are a makerspace in Catskill, NY. There are several of us who may post on this account. We also host a monthly radio show where we talk science and tech with dash of....let's call it "humor". Also spreading the word of "Bob" throughout the Hudson Valley / Capitol Region!

Catch our Thingularity broadcast on tonight at 7pm EST
Listen to the collective churn that big tech butter.
Thanks @onan for the Dobbstown Mirror!

Tonight on WGXC 90.7 fm "Thingularity" will be live from 7-8 (EST) and online (click "Listen")

Tonight's show is a crap shoot with no official guest so who knows what will happen? We will - in all likelihood - talk about science and tech matters. Brought to you by The Catskill Maker Syndicate.

You may also listen after the fact on our website:

Go Louis, get us our right to repair! If you bought Gamestop at $4, this is a worthy cause to funnel your filthy luchre into!

On of our members, Vinney, got a piece of 13-15 oz saddle skirting veg tan leather to make leg armor. He does leather and metal work at his home studio.

Rev. @LapsusChao leads by example!

Don't wait for Dobbstown or even The SubGenius Foundation to tell you what to see, say, do, think or know. Once you've paid your money to "Bob" you are authorized - nay, COMPELLED - to break away from the Church and form your own schismatic "Clench" festooned with your own deities, rituals, sins and indulgences.

Let a thousand clenches bloom under the baleful Stark Fist of JHVH-1 until X-Day eternal!


ermagerrrrd. It's this sort of awesomeness that gives me sweater bullets.
Dude made a litho process IC in his garage. Has his own electron microscope he got for peanuts. Baller.

NEW! Pilot a drone with a live camera above Dobbstown! See the busy happy SubGenius citizens at work and at play.

:jrbd: 🏙️ 📷

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