The great thing about the Sacred Doctrine of Erasability. We can look back on our past stupidities and ignore them.

Listening to OLD Hours of Slack. Some things are cringey, but man, so much stands up.

But then again hey, the Church always moves forward.

There needs to be regional weather reports but for people, like this.

"Were expecting rush and grouchy this morning, giving way to weary and distracted by mid afternoon. Chances of frantic and additional rushed mood this evening following the evening commute..."

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OK thanks to @onan I will deeply ponder the idea of a SubGenius/MetaOccult Devival at a relevant con. There are ways to do it distributive/iterative.

Now to get through goddamn Omicron.

Had a dream of a SubGenius revival at a large SF convention. Two separate parties. A skit about Superman asassinating "Bob" for Connie. T-shirts.

It's time to grow the Church, spawn Clenches, and make the world face it's naked pinkness.

"Behind the Throne"

Wise rulers bow to "Bob." Foolish ones think he doesn't exist, but he is always behind them.

@Alan_Smithee69 @onan

To learn more, send $5 and SASE to:
P.O. Box 807
Glen Rose, TX 76043

All hail @RevXenoFact for this surprise gift! There was no name on the box just addressed here so it was extra mysterious then said, "I bet a Subgenius sent me this" and sure enough! I will cherish these souls and consult them as needed - thank you!

(My cult is the best cult :jrbd:)

The difference between a SubGenius and any dumbass is SubGenii have a sense of humor about themselves.

Some religious people are just in a parasocial relationship with their god.

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