NEW! :jrbd: Hour of Slack #1849 - The End of the World aka Media Barrage 4 :jrbd:

Some of our Media Barrage albums from the early 1980s are on CD or streaming, but Media Barrage #4, "The End of the World," stayed on tape since 1981. When this album was edited on reel to reel tape, largely by Stang, there were few known SubGeniuses, and …

I saw someone suggest a pro-vaccine march. I like it.

It's just a challenge to figure out how to make the news take interest in "people calmly marching and suggesting you not be dumb."

When there are more public gatherings we need big stupid public SubGenius events. Parks. Conventions. Art installations.

It's time to get big and dumb.

We need the laugh.

So when all the immigrants are gone, will your factory jobs come back?

And if they don’t, who is next on the list of sacrifices?

Y'all, the Dobbstown Mirror is the best thing to happen since High Weirdness By Mail. @onan is an absolute Hero of Slack and deserves your paltry $1/mo to keep it going.

Another must-listen to podcast. True Yetisyn slacking around about politics and conspiracy theories.

Religion has to be active. Be it serious our "funny" if you're not going all out, you're missing the point of having one.

Sometimes the activity is sitting around doing nothing. But you actively CHOSE it.

I love mine enemies, for giving me something to hate. Without enemies, whom would I hate? Myself? That would be much worse. I’m built to hate something, better it not be me.

I don’t know who needs to hear this but there’s no special trophy for being the smartest lemming off the cliff.

One of your Reverend's fave podcasts needs questions on Q and related political weirdness.

A Cornucopia of Forbidden Ecstasies are available wholesale at The Lesser Zontar Islands

Everybody's reading "The Dobbstown Mirror" - quarterly Church of the SubGenius magazine, available for one dollar a month.


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