Haunted Village Halloween Ambience 🦇 3 Hours of Relaxing Spooky and Fall Nature Sounds, White Noise


CotCS Church of the Cosmic Skull - Evil in your Eye (Official Video)

Bill Fisher - Hallucinations of a Higher Truth (Full Album 2021)


@Sklingklorp :) divided we fall, accepting united we stand. lol. its more commie crap, imho,. but they're still in the socialist phase.

They are somewhat encouraging a type of individuality. Oh. And it's not individuality.it's a type of. ..it's a type of.....individuality.A type. A type of.....individuality. Knowwhatimean?

OK so I had a few drinks. I had a bad cold and I couldn't break it so I threw a few shots of whiskey down there to break things up. Sorry if this has been convenient. But I like this stuff and I will leave it until I sober up at least.

Don't listen to your father. Build your own father. One that will nurture you and build you and bring you to greatness. The original father fed clothed you. Give him your love and gratitude. And now move beyond him and move beyond his limited imagination and completely blow the original fathers mind. "How could my original sun achieve such profound greatness?. Says your subjected by pinks father.

Sun? I bet if we can fix a lot of our own problems. Own. Because we OWN IT. I bet by this time next year, most of our problems will be gone. I mean. And I mean mean. You know that about me now. Those very very basic things that we apply ourselves to. We just keep fixing things about ourselves. And pretty soon the pinks notice. They are looking for a way out. And they start listening you see sun? Because you figured out. They will seek you out. Because you have know ledge. A ledge.

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It's OK son. Things go wrong all the time. We are here to fix what affects us. Let the other wrongs go for now. They will learn or die. Focus. We have a limited amount of things we can do in our finite situation. We've got our own problems weave got to fix first. Don't worry about Steve down the street. We've got plenty of time. Pick up the wrench and try again. You fixed it! Well one less thing to worry about. Let's fix the next thing. Man you're a real handyman. How did you do that?

Employees of the month from the beginning of time. It has to be in the quadrillions.

Loose Sutures - A Gash with Sharp Teeth and Other Tales (Full Album 2021)


O SACRED YEAH MAN! Abdullah Ibrahim to the RESCUE... Thanks for slinging that , klorp :)-

"After 25+ timelines & back & forth between me and a "regular" AI which truly concerns me for the stronger ai. ..about to get checkmated by the ai's queen who travelled to this parallel universe ... I sent my king to another timeline where the conditions have relatively changed, not there are two kings on this board and I need to finish my moves on the other 20 000 timelines.....another timeline threatens it, I'm going to try and assassinate the ai's king from the past."


I'm seeing more audiobooks for Paranormal Romance. I guess Paranormal Romance is a thing now.

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