As long as I'm paying I can always find "friends."

Choro Brasileiro _ 1906-1947 * Pixinguinha / Chiquinha Gonzaga / Orlando Silva / Araci de Almeida

Maybe those who created us were masters of macrobiotechnology. They spread DNA that will automatically grow and adapt to a number of diverse environments. Once stability is achieved the DNA in the microbes creates life forms. Once the life forms have achieved stability they begin to advance technologically. Maybe. But the math is kind of cool. These microbes would be housed with the elements the planet needs to sustain life. It's like the Genesis project (the generations) on Star Trek but more.

LEGENDARY PINK DOTS : "From Here You'll Watch The World Go By"

@Sklingklorp it's lucky nobody was injured, that sounds like the kinda town where the ambulance might be powered by foot.

Well what the news didn't tell you is those guys were on that Rollercoaster when Tyrannosaurus Rex got loose again, it headed right for them and tore that Rollercoaster all up to hell. So they flew off the Rollercoaster and landed on the dinosaur's back. So it lifted up it's tail. They rolled off it's tail landed on a large tree branch, shot off that, landed on the side of the hill, and rolled down and smashed into the gift shop. They are OK so far. That was insane.

I think some people's idea of slack is just to be in a pod with a food tube, equipped with an entertainment device, a gaming system, their drug of choice, and a way out that they will never use. There are many old broken down warehouses that could be easily renovated to house them. Stackem deep and sell them cheap. If they would just relinquish their income one could house them in a virtual wonder world for the rest of their days. Some are afraid to live, but they are also afraid to die.

John Cage -Erik Satie’s Vexations and the Salon de la Rose+Croix

music from bonanza and the high chaparral (1970) xanadu pleasure dome

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