I look at being lazy as an important part to working out.

Yes Guest: 1983 - Al Di Meola - Scenario (full album) - ft. Bill Bruford and Tony Levin


"The thing I'd really like to know is, are things getting better, or are they getting worse?"

Laurie Anderson

The monkeys had wandered into the dark forest. They would surely die. The big monster would get them. They had forgotten that they could figure out a solution. They had been designed to figure out a solution. But they believed that there was no solution. All the stupid monkeys had to do was walk back to the place where everything was fine. But they were trapped So they all held each other & cried pitifully. The monster ate them and the monster lived happily ever after. Stupid man keys.The end.

Sometimes he felt like that guy in Star Wars. You know the one that said "Stay on Target!!! Stay on Target!!!" And then he blew up.

Damn. Two ingredient pancakes. Crazy. Just two eggs and 1 banana. I was supposed to blend it. I mixed it by hand. After it was cooked I threw some sugar free chocolate chips on there, some peanut butter, some buckwheat honey. Damn. I thought it would suck. It did not suck. It was good. I think I might try to bake it in the air fryer next time. It takes a lot to cook in the frying pan. It almost burned it.

I figured out how to do hard boiled eggs in the smart cooker. This is exciting. This is a game changer. They work where an egg works. Burritos. Scrambled egg. Just cut em up. There was a sale on eggs at the store. A dozen for a buck. Fighting to be conservative I got 3 cartons. Only after I came home did I think about this thing that I've done. But then I remembered I can do pickled eggs in pickled jalepeno juice and everything's fine now. Another one I want to try is Finnish Oven Pancakes.

Why Algorithms Are Called Algorithms, and How It All Goes Back to the Medieval Persian Mathematician Muhammad al-Khwarizmi

openculture.com/2022/04/why-al t.co/V38xvGIJed

You member when I used to drunk. I saw part of the grid go down once. I shit you not!!! Maybe too much booze but I think lack of. There was this control panel. And there were these two aliens turning knobs and levers and observing me. There was an orange grid on the black ground.

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What if it's been aliens πŸ‘½ πŸ€”?! They said demons and devils, but what if they were aliens?You think
it's a demon whispering in your ear telling you to do something bad but they are an alien telling you to destroy yourself so that his kind can take over. Now that's scary.

We can broadly classify the types of #exoplanets we've found like I've done on the graph below, compared to the Solar System planets

Most interestingly there are these classes of planets called Sub-Neptunes and Super-Earths which are bigger than Earth but smaller than Neptune. These are the most common #exoplanet but we have nothing like them in our Solar System! (And these are what I'll talk about next week for the Habitability #SpaceTalkTuesday!)

Extended #SpaceTalkTuesday (17/)

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@Sklingklorp can't we just keep poisoning the planet until raccoons take over?

We are going to need to build several million life longevity chambers to hibernate in until the computers and robots can find a way to save the earth.

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