If someone asks if my mask is muslim, I'll just say no, muslim is a
type of cloth. It's made out of paper.

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#HatThieves 2020

Bulky TV rechargeable headphones that break in the first 5 minutes got you down? This is a wireless transmitter that hooks up to anything and should work with your favorite Bluetooth headphones or speakers. You could hook it up to your PS vita! One must take care to get the older version for the older TVs and the newer version for the newer TVs. This should be the older version. But it's already gave me great weekend. Now you pee and keep listening to your program.


That poor tree. With humans around it never stood a chance.

I've reached the stage of crappledy crumpledy. What do I do it's all crumpling around me.

But all I can do is hand it to you p . And your latest trick.


The 12: plates made out of wax?

Hey if I want to lay down a rack o ribs here and drink some brewskies here in Dowbstan? who's gonna stop meh!? Which one you bobbins are up for a fight here now ay? Any takers ay?

I like it when them girls online start gyratin really hard like this is the shit man. We're gonna drive this baby home.


I'm doing you up the butt right now. EZ okay. Pat pat pat. EeeeezzzzZ okay. Pat pat pat.


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