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Subgenius workin' hard on 1934 :jrbd:

One of the things that I do appreciate about the internet is it's impressive ability to make me think I have friends. These are deep instincts to have a tribe. The support system. But good people these days are running very very scarce. I had a real friend a couple of years ago. He had to move. It was like finding a diamond in a field. They just don't make them like they used to.
Sometimes a fake friend online friend can beat a crappy free loading friend hands down. And some may be friends.

If nobody knows and no one was affected, did it happen?

I find it disturbing that some people are more worried about someone else's sex life than they are their own.

From Billie Holiday to Edith Pilaf - Wynton Marsalis Quartet


I still remember parts of War and Peace. The old general on the horse that rides him, because he's learned that it's better to let something pull you than it is to push it. And that closing line that says sometimes some person can walk through rose petals and the next person can think that they are walking through a pile of glass. I mean, we've got the technology. We can break down the freedoms into different types of freedoms. One boy can be whipped and another one gets cake.

So Phillip .K.Dick. said we were in a reality simulator and maybe an AI will probably be programmed in that way so that it has life experience. So we learn (are programmed) the (relevant) right way by screwing up. We prove the wrong ways one by one until there is only one way left. But...

Using my friends on Facebook to scream fake news at me is like sandpaper to the soul. I go there to hear about my friends baby and look at the latest funeral. Some side news, and some diversion, fine. Of course the more intelligent they are, the more trainable they can be. That's why some of them have done so well. They were trainable. Someone can use their own knowledge and intelligence against them. They can build knowledge cages. And annoying your target constantly for years 24 -7 well...

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