More old magazines here. I thought I might as well torture you too. I'll be lost for hours.

I guess the Subgenius Church is subject to entropy like everything else. There are still some bright stars in the sky, don't get me wrong. But it's not what it used to be. A lot of times it's like listening to a well worn script on Facebook. As the great subgenius elders/founders waddle off into oblivion one by one. I will attempt to commune with their spirits. I will dive back into the old subgenius archives and I will live there for a while. I will talk to them and they will answer.

After putting "Subgenius" in the search at Get Comics, this free Download Source for Weirdo Comics came up. It actually mentions the Subgenius.

"Make love to a real girl." Or guy.
But the contrarian, or subgenius mystic may do opposite.
Sex Doll
$, and time saving.
Switchable head, wig, clothes.
No more hanging out with the wrong person just to get some.
You don't have to pay half in the divorce.

The cons though:

They are VERY HEAVY. (So you can break it if you aren't careful.)
Not portable.
Not easy to hide.

My advice. Buy a cheap one first to try it out.

Don't get conned.

Hey thanks for adding me. It means a lot. I really appreciate it.


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