but for Dobb's sake don't treat it as a videogame. the moment you decide it'd be hilarious to feed the baby to the next door neighbor's rottweilers you learn that the simulation is connected to machines that are taking care of actual babies in the real world.

The virtual reality baby sitter. Now your baby can be pampered, praised and loved as much as it deserves. And with our state of the art diaper changers and feeders you can finally focus on your dreams. We can even make our, er or I mean YOUR baby think it's you. It won't know the difference!

"The briarpatch just ain't da same since dey put dem cameras in."

Brer Rabbit

Snatch it back and hold it. Junior Wells - (The crab in a buckets theme song. )


It's weird when your brain snaps back a bit. And some of these irrelevant dismal
emotional pains gets disconnected. But the pain is still there with no connection. Now they're just hanging there isolated like a piece of art that can't be drawn I study upon occasion. I contemplate these lost emotions. I call this one the pains of hell. Oh that depth. The color. The richness. Impossible to describe. No wonder they started abstract paintings.

I know it wasn't supposed to turn out this way
I wasn't supposed to be okay.
They were supposed to complain
In vain
About what a pain in the ass I'd turned out to be
I was supposed to get a lecture about karma again
But as I watch their lives fall apart
They've let me down
I wish I could reach out again
But I can not lose another finger
It takes too long to grow back a digit

And words are just mathematical equations,
but they were never very good at math
And karma is just mathematical equations if they'd ever bothered to look it up.
& karma is just in the mind.
We always stand at the judgement bar
But they took TV's word and that's okay.
I guess.
It doesn't matter anyway

Some people have gotten tired of this planet. They live outer space now.

A very bad imitation of Jimmy Stewart reading his poem The Top Step of the Hotel Junin


I'm starting to go through some of my old books now that old internet is finally starting to entropy and the future is uncertain. I had forgotten about these little gems. So much more to go through to get ready for the possible. I had to get rid of so much. I couldn't carry it all when I moved. The old gray mare ain't what it used to be. But there is still such things. My preciouses. Just scratching the surface of my old itch here.

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