from their perspective, if I'm allowed to my minor unobtrusive point of view is that they think they are right. they have ancient mythology going back to forever that was created by not some sub faction that was allowed to exist, created by the Owners. We have never gotton accustomed to the. This of which are concerned which we never leaned, but, BUTT? about was created by THE OWNERS. This is what you one is up against. First off everything they've learned is wrong. Okay next lessen. ......

You know what I like to do is put a couple of packets of fake sugar in "good wine." Man that makes "good" wine taste good. Everyone thinks you have excellent taste.

ሂሩት በቀለ ከዳህላክ ባንድ ጋር 1974 ሙሉ አልበም | Hirut Bekele with Dahlak Band Full Album

Lovelock Cave: Red-Haired Giants of Ancient Nevada - DOCUMENTARY (Part 1)

Pete Seeger - God's Counting On Me, God's Counting On You (Sloop Mix) [feat. Lorre Wyatt & friends]

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