YOW!! I just learned the SubGenius movie is finally coming out... October 16 in "virtual theaters" (whatever that means) and October 20, View on Demand. I don't know WHERE exactly, yet, but here's the link that director Sandy Boone sent out today: movieweb.com/jr-bob-dobbs-chur

This probably means we contributors can get our DVD copies soon!

This 500 word limit just rends and tears at my mind and soul.

There are several professional stage magicians who are also SubGenius ministers! What a surprise! People who do TRICKS that mess with your MIND, involved in our sober and sedate faith? Examples include Penn Jillette, Jeff 'Magnus' McBride, and our old Starwood Festival buddy, Michael Mirth.

We've seen him perform at Starwood Festival, the NE Ohio fantasy cons, and, come to think of it, at X-Day Drills. His tricks are mind-blowing and his gags cause gut-blowout.

Rev. Michael Mirth is doing a Dobbs-Approved show at Virtual Dragon Con) on Sunday, September 6, 6:00 pm PST/9:00 pm EST.

Michael Mirth is the FUNNY magician. "You'll laugh 'til your guts bleed!" as "Bob" himself described it.

To "attend" online make a $20 donation to his GOfundme. Normally, being a magician, Rev. Mirth can make cash appear out of a magic bank... much like "Bob" himself. But... he's fighting cancer. For the link/password:
GoFundMe: gf.me/u/vxtxvm

The SubGenius and X-Day videos are now more accessible. I reorganized the videos on my YouTube channel and this list makes the various categories easier to find. There's everything from home movies of pets, to nature studies and comedic microphotography, to slick SubGenius productions, to claymation and underground movies, to ancient and crude (but edited!) home movies of past SubG events. My "Favorites" by other people is a pretty fun list too.


Thanks for reposting my Hour of Slack posts, Uncle Mayor Onan. I'm old and the welter of new platforms, much like the welter of new welts, confuses me. All those welts look the same to me. (Or are those tattoos?) The text limit here seriously inhibits my verbal diarrhea too. And I often need that diarrhea; elsewise I fill up with it myself!

I’m worried about my old buddy, Dave DeLuca, also known as Lonesome Cowboy Dave, of Ashtabula, Ohio. He was in a hospital last week, in and out of I.C.U., and he’s in a rehab place now, where they’re helping him get to where he can walk again.

((The character limit on this system makes it almost useless for what I want to say. Big Thoughts and important details reduced to coloring-book level!))


"Neighborworld" - A bulldada science fiction novel by Lonesome Cowboy Dave DeLuca, the astounding improvisational wizard of The Church of the SubGenius radio show, "The Hour of Slack."

A little bit "A Clockwork Orange," a taste of The Firesign Theatre, a dab of Fleischer Brothers cartoons, a dash of Kafka, a splash of Fellini, and a whole fistful of Lonesome Cowboy Dave!

218-page trade paperback for $14.99, or Kindle for $6.99.

:jrbd: subgenius.com/scatalog/books.h

SLACK FRIDAY continues apace!!

Earth's Sixth Universal
Holiday Gift Ordainment Special


-- through Xistlessnessmess (Dec. 24 deadline)


TWO SubGenius Ordainment kits for only $35 (plus postage)! Save yourself and a loved one!

The stingy character limit SEVERELY limits my ability to post here. Just saying. Not a good forum for the long-winded.

Hour of Slack #1756

A very old-school fundie doctrinal episode with Dr. Philo Drummond, Dr. Hal, Rev. Ivan Stang and Rev. Angry Larry -- all ancient and revered Hierarchites... and a brand new Rudy Schwartz Project album! Topics: the ban on cotton; the visor that reveals dinosaur ghosts; fat cocks and no chicks; idiot Facebook Bobbies who can't spell "Bob"; toe jam used as butt paste; Dr. Hal jumped off a cliff for a dollar, more.

Podcastof this episode only:

It’s HERE! Earth's Sixth Universal SLACK FRIDAY
Holiday Gift Ordainment Special!

-- through Xistlessnessmess (Dec. 24 deadline)

TWO SubGenius Ordainment kits for only $35 (plus postage)! Save yourself and a loved one!-- OR save a loved one plus a deceased ancestor!
-- OR save a beloved pet or potted plant AND a total stranger -- or a hated famous person at random!

-- OR just keep the kits yourself, thus DENYING salvation to TWO DESPISED ENEMIES!


Montclair SubMovie Show

THIS SUNDAY October 20 at 2 PM in MONTCLAIR, NEW JERSEY -- you can see the excellent new documentary, "J. R. "BOB" DOBBS AND THE CHURCH OF THE SUBGENIUS. Director Sandy Boone will be there for a Q&A afterwards. The more people attend this showing, the sooner the film gets distribution and we can get our own copies! And it's only fifteen bucks admittance. Lots of SubGenius old-timers and new-timers will be in attendance.


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