Say hello to my crazy, grumpy, tusk-toothed attack bitch, Pearl the Black-Hearted. She happily curls up, Bond Villain Cat style, on my lap, and viciously attacks any other cat who dares enter our lair. She is a berserker, and I think I'm starting to love her. Out of this foul Oyster of 140 St. James St., Saint John, NB, a Pearl has come into my life.

Damn, Tim Vigil just never stops doing superb work. Who knew Frank was such a pussy hound??

We have seven billion humans on this dirtball planet; I think that's enough humans for now. I wonder if it's possible to make having babies illegal for a couple of generations; shut down the need to breed in humans until we're down to a reasonable amount of humans again? War is too messy and expensive...but this herd needs culling.

Well, since it's become official , I might as well declare it. I'm getting expelled from 140 Saint James St., Apt.#3, Saint John, NB, Canada in four months, and am seriously looking around for a new, rather more permanent place to nest. If anyone can be of assistance, it would be appreciated. No cats or children, please. Weirdos are welcome.

I wish I had known that sadly factual realization far earlier. Ah, well...

Among other things, the musical MY FAIR LADY has , over time, become more than an entertainment about a misanthropic bastard ( and I mean that in the nicest possible way. I enjoy Henry Higgins immensely. ), but now, it is a docudrama. I have become wiser; Henry has shown me that letting a woman into my life is murder. " She'll redecorate your home from the cellar to the dome, then get on to the enthralling fun of overhauling you.".

It's nice to know that not only is Mike " WIZARD OF SPEED AND TIME" Jittlov alive and well, but still obsessively artistic and happily strange.

...I was advised this morning not to stress about anything. Sex is a powerful anti-stress medication; I wish for my meds.

I can't create a more perfect image of who I am behind that flesh mask I was born with. EXCLUSIVE - BEWARE THE NORMAL.

...and just because I like to see three beings having fun...

Even in the future, cleaning the bathroom is going to be a messy job...and only women will be able to tell men how to do it right.

When SubGenii attempt to make X-Ray glasses that actually see through clothes, expect the unexpected.

The Ghoul in the remains of Lair Previous. Since then, new glasses, more beard, less teeth, less mess (physical).

Had a bit of pain this morning, but it passed quickly; another of my permanent ( hah! ) teeth fell out. I have 8 left. Gave it to my Leatherface bobble-head to play with. I used to collect them in a big skull with a removable top, but that got lost in the move from Pictou. I should have made a necklace from all those teeth. Ah, well...never liked apples anyway...

This may not mean much to anyone outside the Cleveland/Detroit area, but Ron "The Ghoul" Sweed has died at age 70.

If the man was not a Sub-G, he should have been.

R.I.P my Shordurpersav!

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