"Bob" is the gun and YOU are the bullet! Quit your job! SLACK OFF! NOW! Remember, the Teachings of "Bob" are SUPPOSED to be contradictory! The near-omnipotent Hell Creatures are only a tool of Cthulhu, which, JEALOUS of our perfect Slack, holds our world in its evil grip but is exposed by the BURGEONING Nental Ife of the Master of Slack. Yet when the time comes, you must KILL "Bob"!

Vital to true SLACK is the knowledge that the sanctified union of SubGenii under the Short-Term Marriage, like the AntiMusic performed at Dokstock and at Devivals everywhere, GUARDS us against the plots of Yog-Sothoth and will surely be revealed through the blessing of that FootGland.If you only knew what you REALLY think, the essence of OverMan (or OverWOMAN)hood, like the love of WOTAN sanctifies the faithful Clench. The Bomb ALWAYS must be shouted like the blessed BRAG from the rooftops!

What about the NON-mutated losers? I'll tell you about the CRAWLING fullblood humans who - yes, the NON-mutated losers who SURROUND us every day - oppress the Overman-to-be like FETTERS on a FELON! Strike them off! They do not GET it, they never will. They are pathetic! AVOID them! AntiSlack is a LIVING FORCE! It inspires FILTHY MOUTHINGS in Pink puppets, but stands between you and Habafropzipulops, the Herb of the Gods! Yes, and that One True Yeti Mate! It is coming EVER FASTER!

Reveling in his newest ShorDurPerSav, the Friend of "Bob" NEVER FORGETS his blessed duty. He knows Time Control is his answer. He is NOT RESPONSIBLE! Yes, KILL ME! Or else the "rantings" of the inspired enlightened Sub, even in the face of THOUSANDS of False Jesii, has always been perceived as UNKNOWABLE. Yet it LAUGHS as the Pinks are dragged into the Hollow Earth! SMASH Pink churches! And you know that if you've PAID your DUES, the Escape Vessels will be there for you! REPENT!

youtu.be/nMqxNPsfN50 ...even after all this time, I still love this paranoid but inviting piece of spoken word weirdness.

even after my years of extravagant, sinful shitting, my toilet always looks pristine and new, though i have never so much as picked up a toilet brush. my society friends shake their heads in wonder, but when they ask me my secret i simply shake my head with a mysterious smile. meanwhile, an oil painting of a disgusting fucked up old toilet gathers dust in my attic, a fresh spray of diarrhoea materialising across the canvas each morning

That which destroys, which EATS our Slack, manipulates world leaders as mere disgusting TOOLS, and wants your slack, your soul, your SCI-FI BOOKS, and still is MADNESS and, worse, BOREDOM! Forever! And the hideous lying bastards! Yog-Sothoth, the THING from OUTSIDE, lurks in a reality we cannot understand and seeks OURS! It sends hordes of Pink Boys and even bastard liars to plague us! It's the enemy of the sacredly-abnormal REAL SubGenius!

"Bob" tells us to love the REAL SubGenius, who is GUARDED by that "Church Air" and the "Fightin' Jesus". YES, the SubGenius I'm talking about SPITS in the FACE of the Anti-"Bob" and the BRAINLESS False SubGenii. Yes, he can find SLACK in a corrupt WORM! Joe Sixpacks DENY that the sacred Bulldada holds us back from the brink of doom and has always been perceived as UNKNOWABLE. Yet it spreads with the smoke from the True Pipe! Be like Dobbs, who ALWAYS lies and is ALWAYS RIGHT!

Been away from Dobbs.Town for a while, because I've been playing with the happy oddities over at Dobbscord and on FreeThinkRadio. I've been gathering a bit of a reputation for my ranting and freely given Dobbs "wisdom", and although I did not look for it, I have been given the appelate "Reverend", as in " Rev. ClayGhoul ". I'm honestly surprised that they are so impressed by what I say...I merely let Dobbs stream out of me.

5 PM Pacific Time on Friday, November 13th (8 PM ET) -- the SubGenius movie will be shown while live commentary is provided by director Sandy K. Boone, Rev. Ivan Stang, Dr. Philo Drummond, Dr. Hal, writer Jason Wheling and others.



It will be streaming live to Film Threat's Twitch, YouTube, Periscope (on Twitter) and Facebook page.

...and with that latest Stark Fist, the ClayGhoul is making odd comments on Dobbscord.

it was not so much a conscious choice but yes, here we are

Fight the Conspiracy! You must UNMASK the False Prophets who are RATS, are BLANK PAGES, are BACTERIA! The black-suited killers would deprive the SubGenius of his the Prairie Squid! They must DIE! They are LOCKED in CAGES and spend their time decorating the BARS! They are the HERD, the FACELESS MASS! They are the FOE! The crawling MIBS are DOOMED, their souls will be tasty TREATS for the godLIKE one, the Anti-"Bob"! They will see their cities fall like children's BLOCKS!

The fullblood humans - yes, the NON-mutated losers who SURROUND us every day - will perish in their BILLIONS on X-Day! They don't understand that a BAD ATTITUDE is our SALVATION! It's all part of "Bob's" message! Fight the lying bastards! Prepare for the day when they will be SWEPT away! The Barbie-Ken attitude is a disease, a genetic ILLNESS! The Plastic Dolls BREED and FILL and CORRUPT the Earth, who would deprive the SubGenius of his Habafropzipulops, the Herb of the Gods! They must DIE!

There is no HELL deep enough for the Mediocretins who exist ONLY to rob the Earth of its Slack! They serve, some KNOWINGLY but most as mere dupes, the Hell Creatures, and have NO hope, while the Yeti spawn can be saved by "Bob" IF THEY LET HIM. They will run like RATS with no place to go! The spawn of the Yeti knows that his foes are the Cage Rats who REQUIRE stereotypes, they NEED buzz-words, they want leaders and priests as STUPID as they are. They CANNOT BE HELPED.

As Dobbs said, we must not FORGIVE them, because they KNOW what they're doing! A true SubGenius RANTS! Or not. The true SubGenius knows Time Control is his answer. He needs NOTHING so he has it ALL! Tomorrow is OBSOLETE, and it's not even here yet! The Pinks may be fools, but they are still part of the Con! Yes, the depraved Pink Boys have not "Bob" Himself . . . like PATHETIC lemmings, they are MEAT, their drooling souls are JUNK FOOD for Yog-Sothoth!

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