I am outraged that the Church of the SubGenius is only ranked as the sixth extremely weird religion that actually exists. BAH!



Ahhh...the good old days when they'd be nice enough to label the black vans and put a light on them, so you could see them coming. Anybody remember these?

Just another Saturday Night in the Ghoul's Lair Clarendon...

Here's how you handle those who defame the glory of "Bob"...

Before the Divine Emaculation of the "Bob", and After...which has nipples?

Looks like someone's been reporting on those X-Day training centers "Bob" set up...

A great movie to watch on a Saturday night!

The Abominable Dr. Phibes


My hero, Randy Rainbow, hits another one out of the park with his new one:


Cleverly he has disabled commenting which is good cuz it would be a clusterfuck.

All SubGenii have their Short Duration Personal Saviors, legendary masters of reality whose influence cannot be denied. I now realize that there are also Long Duration Personal Saviors, Saints of your own personal religion. I present three of mine for your pleasure and edification: St. Harryhausen of the Visual Magic, St. Forry of the Eternal Weird Child, and St. Bradbury of the Magical Word. Together, they formed a team known as the SCI FI BOYS. All Hail the SCI FI BOYS.

You see the oddest things before coffee; this perfectly ordinary breakfast looks straight forward and fine to me. Do you see anything unusual? Just curious.

It's been 14 days since Ghoul's Lair Clarendon came to life, and I must say, it's been surprisingly restful and slackful. X-Day came, and so did I ( many times ), then Time Control was exercised to put me into this alternate reality so I could enjoy more time with more Slack and far less stress. I look forward to the true X-Day, this being the true 1997. Until then, may my Frop be potent, and may the pinks burn.

Rather ordinary looking member, but it could mature, one day, into something worthy of "Bob".

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