I still think, with a bit of technical update, this tale of Matt Howarth's THOSE ANNOYING POST BROTHERS, and their allies in Bugtown, could be one hell of a movie.

My old Tower of Slack definitely needs an upgrade, not only of hardware and software, but of stickerware. I have some....but I need better. I need more Slack.



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Been playing around with character creators, trying to find a good representation of my inner bastard. I think I finally found him...Doktor G'Hul.

I am absolutely convinced that we should be able to go online and have sex partners delivered as easily as we have pizza delivered. After all, in that situation, we're not looking for a relationship, short term or long. We're just looking for sex. Madame Hand and her five sisters can only go so far. Sexual release is as essential to mental health as companionship, friendship, and a sense that we matter, and should be as valued by society. " Thirty minutes or it's free.".

Most of the voices in my head are so depressed, they haven't spoken to me for days. I worry about the others...I think some of them may have offed themselves. Others have shown up, but they're so unsure of themselves that they ask permission before they rant or insult or whisper.

This 500 word limit just rends and tears at my mind and soul.

I used to be great friends with iRRev. Friday Jones, and loved helping her out with her REANIMATOR/ Jeffrey Combs fanzine, PRIVATE PARTS. After Combs issued that restraining order, Friday faded away, and I miss her. Hope she's reasonably OK in 2021. Anyone know anyone who knows somebody?

Hey, could you just let another SubGenius be miserable for once? Stop hogging it all! Spread some of that negative sunshine around, why don't you. Radiate defeat and despair wherever you go, whatever you do. See somebody getting by? Bring 'em down to your level! Bond with people by complaining together, or complain-compete against each other - anything, as long as you're always complaining. Politics, history, it all stinks, keep saying so over and over.

Or... is there another way...

There is exactly as much info, insight, and awareness in this poster as you think there is. Praise "Bob".

I’m going to guess your cult says that when done the right way, your cult has only good effects. It’s true! If you get to define what the right way is, YOU will only get good effects when OTHER PEOPLE in your cult do it.

In MY cult - the Church of the SubGenius - we guarantee a good time AND a bad time if you follow the smoke trails of “Bob” AND also if you don’t. You don’t have to “get along” or keep quiet. After you join, you... are on your own.

Get Slack YOUR way.

:jrbd: subgenius.com

Blessedly INSANE is the Doktor! BLESSED is he who NEVER FORGETS his divinely IMperfect duty. He SPITS in the FACE of Nhee Ghee and the lickspittle Yacatisma. Yes, he is SEEN at Fake Healings and HEARD at Fake Healings! "Bob" teaches us that the UTTER destruction of apple pie even now, even in THIS VERY RANT, has NO PLANNING yet occurs as it MUST and is our only hope against the coming of the unspeakable Nhee Ghee. Repent! Quit your job! SLACK OFF!

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