Don't kick your cat too hard for chewing on your power cables; just throw it into the living room and let it figure itself out.

When you board the Pleasure Saucers, check the Sex Goddess you're assigned; some of them are just in costume and cheesy make-up from the fifties....unless you're into that. In that case, have at it.

Quite, quite true. When the Earth burns, all the SubGenii aboard the Pleasure Saucers will mass orgasm as one, and roar a mighty "FUCK OFF!!!" at the Pinks burning below...

Been powerfully sick over the last while; spraying diarrhea and having no energy. Starting to come back, but it's slow. I'm not dead, but it feels like I should be.

When they tell you to wear " comfortable shoes and attire ", there's too many Ts in that there order.

Songs to play on the loudspeaker while riding in your Pleasure Saucer on July 5th and looking down on the pinks as the world is destroyed.


Somewhere in that library is the first draft of the Book of the SubGenius. It's probably stuffed under one of those chairs or lost with a bunch of maps, but it's in there...maybe.

SCP-303303: The Garbage Box of the Gods. One of the most obscure items known to either Foundation, this hand-made box will appear in rural areas, and be full of bags filled with all the things your mother made you throw out as a child. It never appears twice in the same place.

Burning all that Star Wars stuff...and yes, the costumes are next.

If you find a Pink on a rooftop about to commit suicide, what is the best thing you can do? Tell him that the rooftop is restricted, and he'll have to pay a fine ( all his money ) before he can jump. In cash.

Just because a shitty human has a shitty boss and a shitty job and a shitty life, that is not an excuse to be a shitty human. Only "Bob" can give you The Excuse, and it's written on paper with a nice font and good words, so it has to be legitimate.

Ah, yes. One of the earlier appearances of a Bob ( not necessarily THE "Bob") and some prominent SubGenius material. Thank you, Nick Zedd, whatever you are.

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