Pain is the antithesis of empathy. Without health, one cannot reflect. We can no longer afford to live with the Conspiracy. I think, therefore I'm going to have breakfast.

It's the bizarre idiots that act smart. Reality has always been bursting with spiritual brothers and sisters whose auras are transformed into slack. Our conversations with other lifeforms have led to a condensing of ultra-internal consciousness.But after I lick that toad day and night, it'll sure as hell look smooth to me.

The greatest spiritual truths, with the greatest ability to transform our lives, are often the ones that look *superficially* like the twisted and sick rantings of a permanently-adolescent mental inadequate.

The good ol' days when the Conspiracy was subtle, like this old poster they'd put up in grade schools. These days, they're much more obvious and straight forward.

This might come in handy for those of you who like to remind the meat puppets who's really in charge around these here parts.

Beware. Some demons are letting their human masks slip , even in the most benign and banal situations, simply because they think we're so worn out and exhausted that we won't give a damn any longer. VIGILANCE!

Final edit. Added Connie and a few more church leaders on the hit list on the wall.

Ahhh, the good ol' days...when not only were there good movies, but they got honoured with floats in Las Vegas parades, and hundreds of people gathered together closely to cheer and have a good time. Them was the days...

If your vehicle is less than you'd like, and does not roar your true self at passersby like Godzilla having an orgasm with his own SexZilla Goddess, then may I suggest this image as a guide?

That which was, IS , and shall be smokable again. Doubt not the pulp of the past which foretold the future.

Mostly because I haven't posted in a while, and somewhat because fuggit, here's a present for them what still thinks Murrica should be as great as it used to be, dadgummit.

"Bob" and Connie enjoy dinner's preparation during these days of lockdown. The recipe is secret, but the taste is to die for.

WEIRDOS ARISE! F㏌d out who THEY are, and how to SMASH them. You ㏚obaЫy already knew t㏊t the g㍵er㎚ent was a sh㏂. But did you know the real powe₨ t㏊t be are not even peopᇉ? T㏊t they are act㎂ᄔy u㎚entю㎁bᇉ, unth㏌㎄bᇉ, sh㏂Ы㏌g THINGS? "Bob"'s ㏚omise it to widen the s㏇pe of abnor㎃l be㏊vюr. To explore new ways of go㏌g ㍵er the edge… and ㏇m㏌g right back. Pl㎲, to br㏌g back those who ㏇uldn't ㎃ke it on their own.


Might be handy, if you're out and about in any area around Philly, to print a bunch of these out, give them a bit of a soak in tea to give them the weathered look, tatter them up, and stick them up on old, abandoned houses, homeless shelters, halfway shelters for the mentally ill, and anywhere else where the happy people congregate.

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