Last Ugly Head update for the night. I was going for "creepy gold idol" in this one and I think I nailed it. But that's just my ego talking.

Does that purple column mean this is going to be a bong?
I approve.

Progress on tonight's Ugly Head sculpture. Still needs more paint and details and all that but I'm liking where this is going.

I am sorry to say that I do not know the source of this fine comic (I got it from scrubgenius). If you know it please add that information below. Thank you to the original artist.

Follow your dreams today! Quit your job! Slack off! Praise "Bob"!

Another one of my earlier sculptures titled "Eye of Babylon." The title of said piece is taken from a short story I wrote about a large python named Babylon, trying to survive in a world after the fall of man. The story is currently in the hands of my editor; I hope to have it published sometime before the end of the world.

A picture of my man-clone shamelessly sucking off of Weird Al's awesomeness for 30 seconds.

One of my earliest Ugly Heads that I made for a loved one. 90's Primus claymation is one of my influences.

You'd have an evil grin too, if you had a green dildo stuck to the top of your head!

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