For those interested, renamed the new album “The Secrets Of Slack”. It’s all done. Just working out some art ideas for the “cover”. Local label might be releasing it on cassette for the price of materials and shipping (ie: cheap). I’ll upload it to RPM Challenge, BandCamp and SoundCloud on Saturday for free download. It’s noisy and obnoxious.😈

- Shortwave Bitcrush
- Viva Vyvanse
- Thorazine's Hammer
- Terminal Drone
- Kratomizer
- Mushroom Bunker
- The Kannapocalypse

Links up Saturday!

Album is done. Minor changes to the song lineup, but I’m very happy with the results. It’ll be on SoundCloud, Bandcamp and will be free, as in slack. With this out of the way, I’ll be able to settle down, learn the instruments and focus on production, etc.

Have the foundation for “Kratomizer” done. Waiting on my guest collaborator to come over with the modular synth so we can mack some mushies and finish that track off.

Kannapocalypse came out insanely good. Like Crash Worship, Butthole Surfers and Throbbing Gristle walk into a bar and snort lots of kanna. Excited to share that one in a couple weeks!

it is fucked up that they let scooby doo drive that van

Finished composition of the last 3 songs. Kratomizer, Das Bumps and Kannapocalypse. Kannapocalypse will close and have a pretty long, weird drone at the end. Similar to how taking that stuff feels. And that feel is like being in the space shuttle Challenger but floating back to earth on a parachute made out of cotton balls and landing in your bed.

It was almost a year ago I went to Dubai for work related training and went up to the top of Burj Khalifa. Was very amazing. Dubai was amazing. Beautiful place, but in all it's beauty, it is completely slack-less.

On that note, here’s NoMeansNo playing “Two Lips, Two Lungs and One Tongue” live. On YouTube.

I say “No” to YouTube more than everything else in my life combined. Ffs. No. I don’t want to pay for YouTube. No means no!

Super Bowl will never be the same after that Superb Owl episode of “What We Do In The Shadows”.

I just completed the opening track for the new album. The track is called “Aural Sodomy” and it sounds every bit as brutal as the title suggests. Harkens back to the tracks from the “I Hate Your Ears” album I released last year.

Y’all want some Scorpion Tea? I must find my son! (Actually, time to make some music!)

Here’s some more old propaganda I’ve acquired over the years. If I recall, this is the reward from a hard fought eBay battle, back when evay was an auction site to find cool shit.

Breakfast with the gods. In coffee, there is slack. Repping the old Dallas address, this mug has seen some shit. If it could talk, it would laugh maniacally while picking your pockets.

Here I am working on the track “Viva Vyvanse!” Mastered this and “Thorazine’s Hammer” last night.

Kicked out of Twitter again. I can’t be the only person who is curious to see what Marjorie Taylor Greene looks like naked and covered in fruity pebbles and peanut butter.

My new synth came today and I’m so happy I could shit a purple orange. Getting right to work on those tracks while I learn how to use this crazy beast.

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