I'm supposed to wait 5 days before taking ColonBroom 2x a day, but the results have been a bit underwhelming. Could be the 20g per day kratom habit. I expect things will become irregulary regular soon enough. Off to Sicily! Ciao!

With each grumble i am one step closer to the next big step in my ColonBroom diet. It's Day 2 and there has been little proof of evidence, but we're on the horizon of something horrible.

I did exercise today. Lightly jogged 4 times around the park, which was about 3.5km. Turns out that's exactly as long as it takes to listen to PLATEAU's "Music For Grass Bars". I fully expect to be wobbling like a new born deer when I try and get out of bed tomorrow. If not, 5km should break me properly.

That’s what I call service! Gonna start dropping kilo after kilo starting tomorrow!

I could live without instagram. At least I thought I could, until I saw this profile: instagram.com/truewagner?igshi

Performance art of staggering genius.

I struggle with dieting. One quick look at my feed and you’ll see why. I hate dieting and exercise is super overrated. That’s why I’m excited to announce I might have found a diet that works for ME! Behold, the Colon Broom:


In researching the band Bark Psychosis, I came across this live video. I’m a doctor, not an expert, but I believe that this entire ensemble might be really, really high. And it kills


Looooong trip home from Spain yesterday makes today a Bohren & der Club of Gore-on-shuffle kind of day. At least until I get enough coffee in me to rejoin the living. The band that was supposed to play at the pub tonight cancelled; Covid, of course. So there goes the lone plan I made for the weekend!

I couldn’t finish it all. Finally, The Steakhouse, in Rota, has defeated the Monster With Many Stomachs. Total cost: 30€. Not bad for aged, local beef.

That certainly was a powerful ending to Ozark. Holy macaroni.

How is it that I’m just now learning about the band Bark Psychosis? As a fan of old old Pink Floyd and Spacemen 3, this hits the spot for a lazy Sunday. I also enjoy the random blast beat shit that comes out of nowhere, causing a mild panic as I try and turn it down before the neighbors complain (it’s illegal to be noisy on Sunday in Germany). Anyway, good stuff and I’ve got a whole catalog of albums to listen to today. Tschüssy!

My employers are having an ‘Earth First’ type of contest, where you submit ways of living greener. Hoping they pay close attention to my entry about the power consumption of the endless emails to the entire 30k+ corp from the marketing team. Electronic garbage/waste is real and not only a Bitcoin thing. Stop the fkn internal spam. Nobody reads it.

Place your ore-orders! The wait is over. Remastered classic of Paul Leary’s “History Of Dogs” album, with some additional content. I listen to this album at least once a week since it came out back in the early 90’s. So happy for this:


I want to believe, but I’ve yet to be presented with the smoking gun to make me believe. It’s all top secret projects. No same government would own up to their secret projects. Ever. Don’t get me started on fkn crop circles wither. The duo who made ALL of them showed everyone exactly how they did it and people are still prattling on about their significance and proof of visitations from extraterrestrial life. NO! Now, take Puma Punku… that’s some serious wtf stuff right there.

I’ve been watching a LOT of Ancient Aliens today. I’m hungover just enough to entertain the options they are laying out. HOWEVER, I fail to believe that space craft that can travel through galaxies will be equipped with the same styles of lights and lamps terrestrial aircraft use to see and be seen in the dark. It is always going to be secret projects that nobody will ever own up to. And I tell you what, I’ll write in weird symbols on my craft too. Not gonna write “top secret project” on it.

Been having serious musical writers block. Missed out on the RPM Challenge and haven’t touched the Deaf Star (my instruments table) for a couple months. Missing my muse, but I’m determined to get some serious shit released by summer. Wish I could make it to X-Day and bust out some fkn noise, but alas, I’ll be a month late.

Here’s a rough draft of an idea I came up with tonight. Drawing inspiration from David Thrussell and SNOG/Black Lung:

DEAFSTAR: alonetone.com/SUCKDUMP/tracks/

Updated Pizza Rankings 2022:

1. L’Alchimista - Venice, IT
2. Villa Della Rose - Vicenza, IT
3. Holiday Inn - Naples, IT (better believe it!)
4. Bruno’s Pizza - San Diego, USA
5. Mario’s/Brazier - Aviano, IT

This concludes Pizza week. I don’t need another pizza for days now.

Eating a pizza at L’Achimista in Venice right now. Pizza isn’t completed yet, but it’s a safe call to say there’s a new #1. A decision I don’t take lightly, but this was so on point, so perfectly cooked and the garlic from the sausage takes it over the top.

Italy gives me huge boogers for some reason. Now I get why old men carry napkins around.

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