Those immigrants that got shipped out of Florida last week, to Martha’s Vineyard, sure are experiencing the lulz this week.

Been following the chess drama? This Norwegian guy, the #1, is accusing his rival, from USA, of cheating after getting his ass handed to him at a recent tournament. Seems like a case of someone being a crybaby, but the governing body of chess AGREES WITH HIM. It’s like “King Of Kong” all over again.

Here’s the best part! They think this USA guy was cheating by using WIRELESS ANAL SEX BEADS controlled by someone at a computer. There’s zero proof of this, of course. It’s fkn comedy, though.

This is the 4th consecutive flight on Lufthansa, out of Frankfurt, where I’ve boarded the plane without showing anyone asking to see my passport or any other form of ID. Yet they empty my entire backpack, swab for explosives and look at my hydroflask like it’s a Martian death ray. But no ID. I could have given my boarding pass to anyone. Scary lapse of security protocol.

Heading to the Thunderdome (aka: Naples) for a week of work. Severe storms slated for the whole week. Sounds about right. Will be in the north of London next week, where I’ve assume the shit weather will follow me to. Next Rota trip won’t come soon enough.

Imagine that Interpol puts up fucking wanted posters in the airport BECAUSE YOU DIDN’T PAY YOUR TAXES! And people will still think cryptocurrency is a bad idea. Holy smokes, we’re done.

You can get “butter boards” at restaurants now. Butter tastings and pairings. I didn’t think it could get any worse after seeing artisanal bread crumbs, but here we are… butter.

I went to a hipster macaroni and cheese place once (Groupon) and they tried to upsell me artisanal bread crumbs on top of my comically overpriced macaroni and cheese, sourced locally, for 1$, in lieu of the normal bread crumbs that were already included.

So, I thought that was the bottom. But I was wrong. Butter.

I don’t normally root for the hurricane, but Florida can use a good douching so those guys can find the reset button.

Holy shit. This Jeff Dahmer show on Netflix is hard to watch! Talk about dreadful!

I ordered a nose hair removal kit. Basically this blob of wax you stuff up your schnozz then yank it back out when it’s dry. My nose hairs are a constant source of itching and sneezing. Once, I plucked out a single hair as long as a quarter is wide. Felt like I plucked it off my brain. I called it the Prehistoric God Hair.

I’m looking forward to my new life without nose hair.

I find it disturbing that I’m seeing several anti-snoring device ads in Instagram. I know my devices are listening, despite what the big corps say, but judging me for my sleep patterns is a bit too much.

I can’t tell much of a difference on this new Pink Floyd “Animals: Remix 2018” from the original. Still a powerful and under appreciated album, though it seems to be more popular than ever now, which is nice! Waters is playing ‘Sheep’ on his new tour, which I really want to go see.

Bonus points of some sort of encryption is enabled upon removal. Though not entirely necessary as already using disk encryption.

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Fellow tech enthusiasts: I am looking for a solution, perhaps a usb drive, that will lock the computer/laptop upon removal and be required to log into the device. I had hoped a Yubikey could serve this purpose, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Usage example: at coffee shop, have to grab coffee or piss, remove drive, laptop locks. Insert drive, use password to log back in.

Linux environment. Any ideas? Danke!

“I’m not bluffing with the nuclear weapons,” he bluffed.

Hey folks! Here’s a link to the Dr. Yo show on KUSF from 2004. The birthday episode. I contend that these 3 hours to be the finest set list committed to radio airwaves and have listened to this show in it’s entirety hundreds of times, including today. I hope you will enjoy it. Should probably download it as opposed to streaming it. - pass: $DrYo2004$ (this Nextcloud instance enforces pw for link sharing).

Let me know if you have problems or whatever.

99% of the comments on Reddit push me closer and closer to becoming a supervillain. I just want to know about backpacks. And that place makes it a blood boiling venture.

Been looking at new day/backpacks, for the pending crapocalypse, and 2 new trends irritate me. One, the teardrop shape. Yes, I understand that aesthetics are important, but having my bag fall over every time I set it down is dumb. Two, giant advertising patch that cannot be removed. Particularly on more expensive packs. For the price I’m paying, I don’t want to be a billboard. Mystery Ranch are offenders in both arenas, though the packs seem quite practical otherwise.

Hey! It’s after midnight! This means I can use Wonder AI again!

WonderAI might be the first app i outright purchase. The amount of epic album covers I’ve made is awesome. I hate the limitations!

Question: of AI makes the image, what’s the ownership on that? Just curious. Not like I’d ever be in a position where it matters.

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