Does anyone else listen to My Cat Is An Alien? Recently turned on to them and that seems to be as far out on the fringes as I’ve heard. Such lovely, insane stuff. Many many albums, some worth tracks 50 minutes plus. Pure outer space music. Apparently they‘ve performed live a few times. Bucket list, for sure.

Have an appointment to renew my German residency for 3 more years as of tomorrow. Pretty exciting as I can’t imagine moving anywhere else right now. I like it here and the only way I’ll permanently go back to the USA is in an urn. Please make sure it’s one of those Bio-Urn things that’ll grow me into a tree. Alright. Kirk out.

I am officially advising that everyone HODL. This is financial advice and I am your lawyer.

The new bidet has been a blast thus far. I no longer need to drag my butt across the carpet. Quintessential life hack.

Rediscovering the albums of Wooden Shjips. Definitely were ahead of the curve for the modern day space rock resurgence.

I ordered a bidet attachment for my toilet. Finally found on made for these square euro toilets. I had one back in the states and it was a life changer. If you got shit on your hand, would you just wipe it off on a piece of paper? Of course not. Treat your butt with the same kind of respect and your quality of life will improve for it. I am eagerly anticipating the inaugural power washing on Monday. So squeaky clean you could eat dinner off it. It’s slack for your butthole.

Looks like I’ll be in the USA all of August. Work caught wind that I’d be visiting 2nd half of August and asked me to come in to train on a couple new devices the first 2 weeks. Would have blown it off if it didn’t boil down to them buying the biz class tix for me. Alrighty then. Let’s train and give me my slack. Anyone going to the Ween show in Minneapolis Aug 21?

Never was too interested in Formula 1 racing but I’ve been working out by the Nürburgring track, also called The Green Hell, and suddenly I’m super interested. The facilities out here are crazy and you can even drive your car on that track. Not sure if you have to pay or not, but I’m totally making that happen before I head home later this week.

New bed done. Probably should have gone with the 160cm width instead of the 180cm but my mattress was in the royal sizes, Queen in this case, and my math is shit. Here’s to the next 10 years of stubbed toes and scraped shins! I should note I use the Ghost Mattress and it’s one of the best comfort investments I’ve made in the last decade. About to slam a kbomb and give the new rig a test drive. Slack Saturday’s are for naps.

With the new fulcrum (internet) of which to prop up your art and media, indie becomes the new mainstream. Solution here it to try and stop giving everything a label. Also, that was a strong edible.

My old ikea bed frame has been doing lots of creaking lately. Rather than do the responsible thing and lose some weight, I bought a new bed frame from amazon that looks like a pallet.

Your move, physics.

Been a while. The downside of the vax is now my employers are expecting me to work again. Muhfus be stealing my slack. Upside is I get to do site visits in Spain, Italy (boot), Sicily and UK. Well, maybe not so fast on UK just yet. Also reserved for USA In August. While I’m there, Ween playing in Minneapolis, and I’m holding tix. Still winter in Germany, so I’m ready for the fkn summer to begin!

The Audacity/telemetry PR was closed, the author said they won't use Google or Yandex, and it *looks* like there's a fork that will never have any telemetry that the KXstudio team is going to maintain.

The whole situation is worrying but it will be interesting to see what happens in the future.

I’ve resurrected Butthole Radio, which is an Icecast stream of Butthole Surfers live gigs, b-sides, interviews, covers, etc. Used to be a part of the official site, but I took it down years ago for reasons I can’t remember. I’ve been asked to put it back online and used a spare Pi and vps to make it so.

If interested have a look and help me test the stream at

Hesitant to take it “live” until I’m convinced the pi that does the encoding isn’t going to randomly crap out.

On this day, May 2, 2021, I hereby decree that all my excrement shall now be referred to as a “fatberg”.

Made some funky new disco music last night. Treat your ears to the dulcet tones of “Full Blown Palsy”

I bought some powder on Amazon that is supposed to give me a lot of energy for workouts with caffeine and amino-whatever. I’ve been a fkn slug all week, so let’s see what happens after I try this. Doing this responsibly and having a platter of Aldi’s vegan chx nuggets beforehand. Don’t need a niacin blast on an empty stomach. Worst case scenario, I try and taper it back with a rack of beers.

Friends... I am looking to setup a 24/7 "radio" station that utilizes a bands studio recordings as well as a vast library of live shows. I've had this running, in the past, using Nicecast as the source and had spun up a vps on Digital Ocean for the icecast server. Before I go down this road again, I was wondering if there any services that can do this for me. I have no problem using Nicecast to send the source audio, but would like to skip the server stuff, if possible. Thank you!

Every single day it’s the same... I fight the urge to doze off or take a quick nap, failing maybe 50% of the time, but as soon as that fkn sun goes down I’m ready to rock. I blew off most of today laying around and waiting for the work email chimes to go off. Now I lay in bed wondering if I should hit up the diphenhydramine. I think I need to work at night to feel energetic about the day. Fortunately, this is the biggest life crisis at the moment. That is all.

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