Dear Italian Men,

Follow up: they’re going to want to scan your purse too. No, you can’t bring the big ass bottle of cologne.

Dear Italian men,

Airport security will 100% ask you to remove your fashion scarf. It’s not an extension of your shirt. Save your 7 stages of grief until we get past the X-rays.

- Entire Remainder of Travelers

I put a little into SHIB just to illustrate to my friends how efficiently I can stop a bull run. If you’re holding, sorry in advance.

I asked a vapid, endless continuum on Twitter about treason against the US government. Do people convicted of this still get hanged? And, furthermore, if they are in a wheelchair, how does that work? Hang with the chair? Lay on the platform until the gallows drop? I really wanted to know how that worked. Seems my questions offended a current ranking member of congress who just might learn these answers the hard way. Regardless, Twitter banned me for asking.

Thinking of spreading the rumor that libs are injecting halloween candy with Johnson and Johnson vaccine.

Aviano has been great so far. Northern Italy > Southern Italy. 3 amazing dinners in a row, in a town full of restaurants. This is why I’m fat. After 2 weeks here, the gluttony of slack continues in Pisa! Here’s food pics. Talk soon!

The big tour begins next week! Aviano, Pisa, Naples and Catania Italy. Added time in Budapest, Hungary and Rota, Spain. Possible quick turnaround to London (hope not… not now, anyway). This takes me up to the Xmas/New Years holidays when I’m back at home recharging for the new year and then off to… Cali, COLOMBIA! And, “Bob” willing, a few days in the Colombian Carribean. If anyone of you fine folks lie anywhere along this route, let’s meet for coffee/beer/frop.

Pro-tip: kratom tastes pretty bad. Even when mixed with OJ. But, eat a miracle berry beforehand and the whole process is sweet as candy. Even tried with water, lemon juice (from the plastic lemon) and a miracle berry and it was surprisingly palatable. K-Bombs away! Only caveat here being the unnecessary high price of the miracle berries. My friend in Colombia tells me she has a bush of them at her house.

I’m up early watching the Ween livestream from Vegas. Bought the 3 night package, which is the 3 morning package. Fuck it. It’s just sleep. If I’m to believe my wise, late grandfather, there will be plenty of time for this sleep business when I’m good and dead. Stream sounds good, band in top form, some numb nuts just discovered the kaleidoscope effects at the video board. He could use a good flick to the forehead.

Sorry it’s been so long. Setting up a huge travel-for-work schedule. Rota, Spain for a week, then 2 weeks in Aviano, Italy (hoping to sneak a weekend trip to Slovenia in there). Then a week in Pisa (yes, the tower), then back to Aviano for a week. After a weekend at home, it’s off to Budapest for a few days, then back to Aviano. End of project. From there I have inspections in Naples, Catania and Lakenheath, UK. Would like all this done before xmas so I can fkn slack off!

Last week, by the powers of Slack, I traded 5 vintage concert shirts for enough money to purchase a brand new MOOG Grandmother. One of those shirts was the super rare Jack Officers shirt, but it’s with a good collector now and not just aging in my closet. The synth arrived today and I’m just starting to scratch the surface of the hell I’m about to unleash on your ears in a couple months. May the slack be with you and with your dispirit.

Any Subgenius in Cali, Colombia? My friend is going there for a whole year to teach. She’s a Subgenius and super fkn cool. Would be most excellent if there were someone there to show her the way as her feet are getting colder by the minute as we head towards the departure date.

Back in Germany and back to reality. Starting work on 2 new albums. One as SUCKDUMP, which will be more of the same from before and another as FAILSTATE, which will be some really noisy drone stuff. Or I might combine it all into one or the other. In any case, I know you’re super fkn excited about this. I’m also thinking of buying a Moog Grandmother. And, finally, here’s a shot of the poster I got at the Ween show. Need to stick that in a frame stat.

Here’s the set list. They ended with “Your Party” and “HIV Song” everything after that was skipped.

Another pic from Ween right when they started. They opened and closed with HIV Song. Surly cut the set short due to city ordinances. I saw the setlist and had they continued playing, Big Jilm would have been up next. So, despite my screaming each time they asked for requests, they intended to play it. Sadly, the law wins again. I have a couple videos too, short clips, but can’t post them here. I’ll figure something out when I get back to San Diego. Epic fun.

I’m at the Ween show! It’s packed and smells dank everywhere. Merch line hell. Show starting any moment!

Had to cancel Salton Sea today. The Mom needed help back in San Diego, so I took care of it. Like they say, sometimes life gets in the way. But I’m glad I was available to help out. Not sure when I’ll be back out that way, or if the sea will still be here when I finally do. Also, I have a fabulous sunburn over 75% of my body.

Not sure which app I had more fun with while star gazing last night… the Flight Radar tracker or the star tracker. They slip ads in both of those. I’d buy the damn app but they want to subscribe me instead. Fat nope. In any case, I saw a bunch of bats, a couple shooting stars, many planes and spotted a couple satellites with help of the app.

Made it to Borrego Springs. Day of lounging by the pool and in the pool. Extreme Slack Olympics. Tomorrow I go out to Salton Sea to see what’s up! Tschüss!

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