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@negative hey I added this SLACK shit Thing to a video piece I did last year / zapping plagiarism guerrilla
and "BOB" is there too... :jrbd:


09 Travelling A Penominally Long Way (With Livestock)

Being a musical exploration of several points of interest in eth Solar System and beyond as performed (a very long time ago) by Dai Williams upon his celebrated electrically driven sound synthesizing

Listen to 09 Travelling A Penominally Long Way (With Livestock) by Dai Williams 100 on

In another 7 generations the electric wiz can drop another curtain for us to gawk and applaud at. The Three Stooges will make an appearence as a traveling hologram show after newly passed Intelectual Property and Moarl Decency laws cause public domain works to be owned by the government. Will the aliens pull it over our eyes? O just give us new tinted glasses to see? It could still all go up in a big cloud and cost 20/mo for a terabyte of storage.

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Webcast on February 10th, 2019: This is mostly songs and compositions about and for winter time and cold weather (including a few Christmas ones). A companion piece to our program HEAT. We seek, in this program, to create an entertaining and informative psychedelic mix which compellingly captures the bracing bucolic beauty and melancholic wistfulness of this ending time of year. Now streamable at Mixcloud on demand:


(Gimme Some of That) Ol' Atonal Music

A country singer reminisces, tunefully, about his late father, who was a composer of atonal music. Written and sung by Merle Hazard. Featuring Alison Brown a...



he tree wasnt more than 8 feet tall, so from above, it fortof looked like someone dropped a basket of laundry-lint on it. The neon clad, air-jet pack wielding grounds keeper is looking up the tree at me, shakes his head. A beam of light from above with shouts at us with tin horn to get back to work and get back inside, respectively. I close my blinds but keep the door open. The eggs have become lukewarm.

Faithful fridge and sturdy stove provide the morning chewable and caffeine. This week is real farm eggs and sticky rice, butter fried in a brilliant chrome saucepan, sprinkle of seaweed pepper for a total flavor profile, toast for counter texture. A moment of egg yolks turns vivid as the partly cloudy sky unfolds into violet and blue dawn, trees grey with Spanish moss clinging to branches of birch trees outside my 4th story window.

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Like a great wave of wild stallions the city streets are awake and the morning erupts with the sub-audibal frequencies and thunderous blast of car traffick. Individualy wraped pilots blast ghetto beats from Cadillac slabs each with their own tempo and temperament. A new week, a new opportunity for some, simple spillage for others, and others still with slack both false and earned, and we, and they, are all getting what we, and what they, deserve in the end. Is "Bob" getting your one dollar?...

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Equal opportunity, except if our pedigree dogs don't like the smell of your children

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When you feel that itch to reach for your check card, remember it's just the universe telling you to end it or make a new start. Pull the apocolypse out of your wallet already!

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For years people on plane flights have been wondering why I'm laughing my ass of back in 37C. Well, it because I'm usually listening to the "Porn Queen of the Vampires" episode of "Bob's" Slacktime Funhouse.


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I have my own paranoid theories about some of the story's major players. Also inspired to create works based on the book but that might slide to the slack side for now.

I am about to read Neighborworld for the second time. What should I be reading for on this attempt?

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Currently working on a 4 track album for dobbs.town , if you have a mic send me a 'Praise "Bob"' to ripmrnegative@gmail.com and I'll put you in one of the 4 songs

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Transcendental igneous differentiation, does it matter?
You bet you ass it does!
Wage slaves must slack.
Do not be idle in your slacking or
in your slackment.
Slack off now !

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