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@Zontar Lay down the burden of free will and walk briskly toward The Master, ZONTAR.

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Wow, this is an answer record by the group that had the hit. It is also a rebellion against the White Men who ran Atlantic Records that forced these teen black girls to sing their hit endlessly. Atlantic Records fired them when they submitted this track, but they were able to rerecord it on a minor label.


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A History of Rock Music in 500 Songs
I hardily recommend this podcast. A detailed history of how the many threads of swing, blues, jump, country swing, gospel and more became R&R. It's created by a Brit, my favorite culture for all types of history and spoken word works, and digs deep into both the music that inspired songs and artists were that influenced by any given cut.
I suggest that one should listen to it from the beginning to get a master class in music history.

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