The barbed scorns of life will dissipate in the numbing glow of Zontar

The Mournful Monument to Lost Slack - Old Dobbstown North West

Crystal Dobbs Head #47 - Garden of Unearthly Delights - Old Dobbstown

Test render from my next video “St Zontar’s Infirmary Blues”

Adequately Numb with Zontar’s Brain Drain Method

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@Zontar is providing Dobbs.Town with a direct connection to the identity-erasing majesty that is alien mind control, Zontar's perfect plan for peace. How much does Zontar ask from you - not psychically, which is of course "everything" - but fiscally? That's right, you're getting it for free.

See what others charge...

The storied Bungalows of Bliss - Euphoria Estuary - Lesser Zontar Islands

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There's nothing you can do
Nothing you can sing
Nothing you can say
It's easy

Nothing you can make
No one you can save
Nothing you can do
It's easy

All you need is Zontar.

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