Industrial Id Amplification and Electronic Ego Extraction are available

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Chris Cutler from Henry Cow gives an overview of electronic instruments of the 20th century.

The Wax Dobbs automaton clearly explains the mystic workings of the Slack Distillery - Old Dobbstown

Zontar Zeppelins guarantee the most delightful delusions

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The anarchists never have claimed that liberty will bring perfection; they simply say that its results are vastly preferable to those that follow authority.
-- Benjamin Tucker

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Its all Fun and Frolic down at the Boiling Sulfur Mines - Zontar’s lifelong employment guarantee

Photo from 2018 this is a few blocks from my home.

Another heartbreaking victim of the Martian Menace

Polymorphously Perverse Park - Island of the Infinite Id - Lesser Zontar Islands

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