Your reverend is almost recovered from COVID, and is back on making propaganda!

Around 65 million years ago, the Earthbound Yacatisma Skull Harvesters required some minor modifications, as they were originally designed for the removal/storage of reptile heads.

Team Morlock all the way. Eloi are a bunch of whiny losers.

So I was watching Dragnet 196x (Season 4, Episode 6). This scene where Joe Friday enters into a druggie crashpad instantly triggered pattern recognition when I got a load of the hippie-painted window.

I desperately want it to be true that someone ripped this off for the Windows logo. I want it to be true so bad I'm just going to be like everyone else and believe that my desire for something to be true is the same thing as it *actually being true*. Don't judge, you animals.

Typical SubGenius ready for the day. From The Fresno Morning Republican, California, August 24, 1925. By way of...

@bobcromwell "Nature has used the hair of the chin in the most suitable manner possible. Nature has used it to distinguished the male and the female. The nature of every man proclaims from a distance, “I am a man; approach me as a man, speak to me as a man. Look for nothing else.”"

- Epictetus, "The Discourses"

Extraordinary? Popular? Delusional? Madness? You decide.

Influence of Politics and Religion on the Hair and Beard, from "Memoirs of Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds"

Behold the Collection of Mentalia, "Amazing Stories" June 1947

This ad on page 204 of "Amazing Stories", March 1943, the issue with the debut of Richard Sharpe Shaver, tipped me off.

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