In a story about how and why hard-core pornography is now embedded in the home pages of the Washington Post, New York magazine, Huffington Post, and others:

"The internet is a collective hallucination that is fading away thanks to link rot."

Be your own personal hallucination!

"We are flagging problematic posts for Facebook that spread disinformation." - White House press secretary Jen Psaki (15 July 2021)

The fact that the White House does not flag posts at is an ipso facto affirmation that we, in contrast to Facebook, do not spread disinformation. Everything we say about UFOs, bigfoot, magic, The Conspiracy and most of all J. R. "Bob" Dobbs is gospel truth.


In 2014, musician Emperor X wrote such a song called "Don't Change Color, Kitty", designed to be "so catchy and annoying that it might be handed down from generation to generation over a span of 10,000 years".

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French author Françoise Bastide and Italian semiotician Paolo Fabbri proposed that domestic cats be genetically engineered to change color in the presence of dangerous levels of radiation. The significance of these "radiation cats" or "ray cats" would be reinforced through fairy tales and myths, the story being that one should move away from sites where such creatures are encountered, or where domesticated cats begin to exhibit such behaviour.

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Linguist Thomas Sebeok, building on earlier work by Alvin Weinberg and Arsen Darnay and working as part of the Human Interference Task Force, proposed the creation of an atomic priesthood, a panel of experts comparable to the Catholic church, which has preserved and authorized its message for almost 2,000 years. The priesthood would preserve the knowledge of radioactive waste's locations and dangers through rituals and myths.
-- Wikipedia, regarding long-term nuclear waste warning messages

There's no reason this can't be a Slacktember in July

Reading of the discovery of a skeleton being called the Kennebunkport Man, thought to possibly be an early Bush

One who would run a cult would do well to know what They look for, and what They misunderstand

Today, while working as a sub-sub-contractor on a project for the ministry of war for a supposedly world-class nation, I saved the day by going to a local thrift shop and purchasing a 4-port 10 Mbps hub (not switch, mind you) and shipping it to a facility on the Atlantic coast. Because that was what was required to advance the current stage of the project.

A harsh letter letter sent on this day in 1054 from the Bishop of Rome to the Bishop of Constantinople started the process of their mutual excommunication of each other

Misako Uno, born OTD in 1986, is known as a Tarento in Japan, a term borrowed from English "Talent" and connoting "Famous for being famous"

"Teleportation to Mars Began in 1980, with 140 Recruits Trained for 'Project Pegasus' 

Assuming that the AM broadcast band in North America is now full of batshit talk

Resigned from a project today due to excessive levels of bullshit, a victory for Slack

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