If it has been more than two weeks since your last viewing of ARISE! the effects will have worn off, your booster viewing is overdue.


If magic spells were real
And we had cause to fear the dead
Then it would indeed matter
What a dead person said

But words cause us no harm
And the dead cause us no strife
So stop whinging about the past
And start getting on with life

...even junk theaters like the Roseland would get a taped-up old print of a documentary and try to show it...and of course, the place would go bankrupt, and this would be all that's left.

I decided to watch some old Kids in the Hall shows, and it is kinda stunning to see what was 'acceptable' on air, back in 1989.

It was also neat to realize the shows are from an era when 30 minutes of TV only had 5 minutes of ads.

You can pick your nose, and you can pick your friends, AND you can pick the nose of "Bob" - when Rev. Big John hooks you up with a giant "Bob" flag and welcome / unwelcome mats!

THANKS @johnhattan

Justified and Ancient by The KLF
From the album The White Room

Popped up in my suggestions, and was posted recently to YT, and I thought for a moment The KLF was putting out new music... I guess I should listen to the rest of this album, 3AM Eternal is a great track, also on this album.


If anyone knows of leftist orgs or mutual aid groups that are looking for help managing internet services and such, let me know.

I'm looking for my next job, my skillset is linux sysadmin / automation / security.

Almost have the anarchobook.club site transitioned to the new layout that @bleakgrey setup for me.

/* any errors on the page are my own stupidity and should not reflect on his technical genius */

Watching "Shoot Em Up" - the Looney Tunes of action movies. Paul Giamatti's Elmer Fudd to Clive Owen's Bugs Bunny. Giamatti is sooo good in this!

Yesterday I was too lazy to reserve a car at the city I’m flying to. Today my flight delayed; if I’d reserved a car I would have to cancel the reservation, but because I did nothing I now have to do - nothing!

This is the sort of “luck” that every SubGenius knows. We strive (but not too hard) to be like J. R. “Bob” Dobbs. “Bob” is lucky because it “just so happens” that anything that occurs is what he wanted to occur.

:jrbd: subgenius.com

The Sacred Texts of The Church of "Bob" the Average!

The first Rolling-Release Religion!


How do you do "groups" or can you do groups, on Mastodon? E.g. a stream / feed only members of that group can read?

Anyone wanna test it out, or already using the Lists feature? I think that may be what I'm looking for.

Basically looking to start another congregation for my church... Finally got the first draft of the sacred texts in progress.

1995: Keanu Reeves and David Bowie at The Hollywood Palladium. Reeves' band Dogstar was the opening act for Bowie.

A friendly reminder, if it has been more than 2 weeks since your last viewing of ARISE, it is recommended that you schedule a viewing for yourself, and as many others as you can get to join your sad lonely self.

That last part might have been directed at myself...


You are humbly requested to join The Zontar Generation

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