Holy shit, I just realised that the Maybe Logic Academy course I 'attended' online ("Run your own cult/SubGenius History") was TEN FUCKING YEARS AGO! I had a few issues from being in an Aus time zone but it was a blast. 10 fukken years, geez. It would be great to bring it back with Zoom etc.

For the rest of your life you can refer to yourself as a **Lifestyle** Expert. Now you can explain away those "gaps" in employment, or anything else. Also you can charge anyone money just to tell them how to act, clean, decorate or virtually anything else they could do while alive.

This sliver of slack comes to you courtesy of The Church of the Subgenius

A lifetime of slack and more available at: :cnsp: :jrbd: subgenius.com :pp01:

You can only be your own second worst enemy, because that enemy has to be an enemy against you already. This means you are in the driver’s seat! You can be an even worse enemy to that enemy that is you - don’t let you boss yourself around! Break free from Conspiracy mind control! Make it “make sense” if you need to, or just laugh like the villain you are and seize control of the means of malfunction.

THIS is only part of what “Bob” brings to the table! Find out more...

:jrbd: subgenius.com

Internet stripped of all services that made it worthwhile. Filled with shitty replacements made out of ad diarrhea. Every individual turned into a consumer. Meanwhile the devices that access it get more and more homogenous, closed source slower versions of themselves that have the same amount of ever troubling privacy concerns that finally are piling up into a huge fucking mountain that no one is going to deal with until the corporations own us all.

Yeah, looks like the 2020s gonna be a hoot.

My fan site for...

"J. R. "Bob" Dobbs and the Church of the SubGenius" (Documentary. Sandy K. Boone, 2019)

... now had an SSL certificate. Please test the below URL for yourself and then purchase this fine film!

:jrbd: dobbstown.org

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Rev. Fanboy's Funtime
Tuesday, November 10, 2020 all times Eastern freethinkradio.com

8 p.m. 20th Century Radio Broadcasting
🎤WIL-AM St Louis, MO - Feb. 28 1962 - Bob Osborne
🎤WSGN-AM Birmingham, AL - Oct. 4, 1967 - Dick Kent
10 p.m. The FunTime
12 a.m. Pat Novak, For Hire - Don't Tell Hilda (February 27, 1949)
12:30 a.m. Avant Garde Instrumental Music
🎬HÄXAN - Witchcraft through the Ages (1922) [Swedish Film Institute print] FULL MOVIE - re-recorded musical score by Matti Bye

Commercial for dobbs.town - the Mastodobbs of the Church of the SubGenius. The first video for a specific instance of Mastodon? Definitely the best! JOIN... the Church of the SubGenius (subgenius.com) and find out more! :jrbd:


The National Cynical Network Starts Its Broadcasting Day!

Our Remix Marathon (noon-midnight PACIFIC) with comedy, media collage, music and mashups starts Now!

at bit.ly/3hAsSuJ

. Radio Programming For

I hate this I hate all of this. Being a consumer is for losers! Burn down the googlesphere if you ever want your children's children to know freedom!

Gotta hand it to Trent for being such a good performer that he can connect with people and never have to share their experiences.


If your election lasts longer than 4 days, please call your doktor for "Bob" immediately in order to receive the cure.

What I have to tell you doesn't change when you pay your $35. I could tell you now, but it would be meaningless to you.

You need to go through the ritual, and go through the motions, and find yourself "on a great journey" before you can allow yourself to listen and really hear the same words again, for the first time.

Once you climb Mount Stupid and fall down the other side and hit every rock on the way down... THEN and only then will my words help you to climb again. You'll pay for that.

“Am I doing what I should to to be forgotten properly?”

Once I understood that eventually I and everything I’ve ever done will be entirely forgotten, I asked myself that question. Considering the question was clarifying, and led to actions that might make the answer more likely to be yes.

You, on the other hand, might know you will be remembered forever. If so, don’t bother with the question “am I doing what I should to to be forgotten properly?”

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