When I have a chore I don't prefer, I put on some music. Then I'm not 'doing the chore' I'm 'listening to music' and by this trick of substitution and association the chore isn't so bad.

We make ourselves miserable in the same was. Instead of what is happening we substitute and associate a different situation.

It's not that it's bad to tell ourselves lies, it's that some lies are better for us that others.

Try a different lie on for size, see how it suits you.

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On this Weird time to be alive...

An small group of friends we are talking about the Capybara (Carpincho) and how this apparently stupid animal lives on perpetual Relax & SLACK!

We Love this kind of gentle and holy Idiotness and Even how the Capybara is an infiltrated, very Good friend of crocodiles for example...

Maybe on this reduced net of friends we are aspiring to a CAPYBARA NATION

or, at least, a way of Life!

I love being one with the Planet Eaters!!


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