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"several things can be bad", tattooed on the back of my hands, in elder futhark

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« A priest, a pastor and a rabbit walked in to blood donation clinic.
The nursed asked the rabbit: "What is your blood type?"
"I am probably a type O" said the rabbit. »

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every time i remember something embarrassing i did years ago i have to thrash about violently like a big freezer bag full of alive spegherti blolognese

Act not in opposition to anti-Slack. Act only in pursuit of Slack itself. To direct one's efforts with anti-Slack in mind, however righteous the cause, can only bring more anti-Slack in the end. The Conspiracy is sustained by this fruitless struggle. The only way to defeat the Con's employed anti-Slack demons is by accident, incidentally, as a matter of course, while you pursue your own MAXIMUM SLACK.

Just what this space needed. It's like it was missing from that wall this whole time and I only just realized it. Very thankful the ordained CafePress shop sells the "fukken giant" sized poster.

Onan, you magnanimous mutant! You got the read on me, it seems. What hurt most keenly to lose in the fire were my BOOKS and WEIRD RECORDS! Cheers, Reverend.

Thanks for the wellwishes. If you have cash burning a hole in your pocket, my paypal address is []. I do have renters insurance, and I think I'll be able to rebuild my necessities, so don't put yourself out of sorts for my sake. All donations received will be spent exclusively for takeout, liquor, and other Slack conducive items. Most importantly, just keep posting bulldada and other absurd shit for me to lurk over.

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Last night my entire apartment building burned down. My rats and I made it out okay, but I lost everything. This afternoon, some firemen were kind enough to find my wallet for me, which means I still have my membership card! I was almost in danger of being left behind there when the Xists arrive, whew.

What is Slack? I was getting wasps in my apartment, finding some ingress past the screen door, and then the sliding glass door. I observed them crawling between the two, and figured that they get stuck there, and find their way into my apartment, rather than back out. I tried plugging gaps and spraying the area with pest deterrent, to no effect. Finally, I realized I was trying too hard. I just have to keep the screen door open. To achieve my goal by relaxing my defenses. If that ain't Slack...

I was first introduced to Knower while lurking in a spontaneous SubGenius chatroom, for some event I don't recall. I don't remember who posted this, way back when, but CHEERS MATE.

Womp womp. Not this year either, eh? It sure *seems* like the end times...

I've never felt so safe AND at risk! Must be that "Bob" magic. Just watch while I contract covid from my winning lottery ticket!

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