What Do YOU Think? 

When you see a book is in the Public Domain, do you find it more or less valuable?

(Please boost this, I would really like to know what people think)

re: What Do YOU Think? 

@herag not really, I think it's nice but a lot of good books aren't public domain unfortunately. doesn't matter to me because I pirate them all or buy them second hand for a couple dollars :>

@herag depends. It may be a classic, or it may just be old and irrelevant.

@herag the license is never an indicator of quality. If a new book is published under a CC0 license, it just means that the author cares about making their content available for everyone.

But this may not be an option for those wanting to go with traditional publishing.

And I understand why a lot writers won't do this, they want to make a living after all their hard work.

Personally I highly appreciate it when someone makes their work available under the public domain.

@werwolf @herag

The Conan books written by Howard in digital. Oh yeah.

Would agree with this fully. I think, in my mind, Gutenberg, though I love that project, has caused me to inherently think that PD books are low quality. I just wondered what others thought.

re: What Do YOU Think? 

@herag most PD works I know are masterpieces, but it is rather because they’re old and only good ones are preserved and talked and taught about than that they’re in the PD per se.

What Do YOU Think? 

@herag i will assign more value to it if it's public domain, because i know i will be able able to reuse it if i'm inspired.

What Do YOU Think? 

That is an excellent attitude. I do hope, if I ever finish editing my book, that someone will be inspired enough to reuse it, or even to blatantly copy it.

I plan on trying to make a buck or two from the sale, but after about 2 months, I'm going to out it up on all the public torrent trackers as well... And still hope to make a buck or two.

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