An admittedly shitty yet heartfelt tribute to one of the greatest bands of all time and space, The Residents. Hard to choose a fave, but Not Available is always in my top five of their ridiculously vast catalog.

The Dobbs.Town Mirror has arrived! Mail-order mind control of the Highest order.

I wrote this tune back in 2001 and it features a short sample from a conversation between Art Bell and mighty demon hunter Bob Larson.

The music in this video is Final Act - track 4 on my first EP.

If you enjoy Philo's most slackful album Dark Matter you might like it as well.

I'm not prepared to learn how to combat the brutality of Youtube compression so this will have to do...

Here's a cover I did recently of one of my favorite Devo songs, written by the great Mark Mothersbaugh in 1977.

I just finished this Dobbsian Devotional and I do hope you enjoy it.

On the off-chance you wanna download the hi-fi you can do so for a pittance over at Bandcamp:

Greetings fellow mutants! Hope you are all finding Slack in these strange and viral times. PRABOB


Church of the SubGenius Members-Only MastoDobbs.