OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG the OSI74 "Super Infra Man" movie has returned!

This is the fropulescent version that is both dubbed and subtitled, and the scripts don't match at all. I doubt anyone has successfully watched the whole thing without going mad.

The Google Maps directions from my house to Pagosa Springs, CO require me to take a RIGHT turn at Albuquerque.

If I end up in Palm Springs or the Himalayas, I'll know why...

Somebody pointed out that if your team is "The Guardians", then your logo should be a raccoon with a machine gun.

I couldn't agree more.

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I finally got up the nerve to put on the custom decals.

I don't know what to name it yet. I'm thinking "Big Texas Skeeter", because it looks sort of like a big cartoon mosquito to me.

The Dobbstown Express is painted. I am filled with Slack just being near it.

Glad they finally killed off Chief Wahoo for good. But I'm not feeling the "winged ball" logo.

"We are flagging problematic posts for Facebook that spread disinformation." - White House press secretary Jen Psaki (15 July 2021)

The fact that the White House does not flag posts at is an ipso facto affirmation that we, in contrast to Facebook, do not spread disinformation. Everything we say about UFOs, bigfoot, magic, The Conspiracy and most of all J. R. "Bob" Dobbs is gospel truth.


My absurdly overpowered fiberglass stubby rocket is finally painted and is ready for decals. I wasn't sure how the red-on-red color scheme was going to work, but I really like it.

Wife and I are doing a 40+ hour roadtrip soon. And we're needing some audiobooks. Shelly expressed interest in the old Asimov Foundation books (as she hadn't read them since high school), but I fear they're gonna be really dated now.

We've both read the Frank Herbert Dune books. Are any of those Brian Herbert sequels worth a listen?

And it doesn't have to be SF. Those old Ludlum and/or Cussler adventure series' are pretty fun. Anyone got a favorite that we haven't heard yet?

FWIW, best I can tell this is a Public Missiles Explorer if you wanna build your own.

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Still rebuilding old rockets to get 'em flyable for the big national launch. This one was a former display model from a defunct hobby shop, so I don't think it's ever flown.

That said, I think this one needs a "Bob" theme. I'm thinking of "The Dobbstown Express" unless someone else comes up with a better name.

It is rumored that the B-side of the album is actually blank.

To this day, nobody has bothered to listen to the B-side of the album, so this rumor remains unverified.

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(a conversation from the early 1980's)

Hey, remember that "Saturday Night Fever" soundtrack that sold eleventy zillion copies?


Well, we're gonna make a sequel! And we're gonna get the Bee Gees to do the songs again!

Really? Cool!

BUT the Bee Gees are only gonna do the songs on one side of the album.


So we'll have a whole 'nuther album side to showcase the talents of Sylvester Stallone's brother!

I didn't intend to make a KMFDM album cover. It just ended up looking that way, so I captioned it thusly.

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Wheel of Fortune. Someday something like this will be on , but with better colors and random elements and backgrounds and stuff.
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