When I die, I want my eulogy to be shouted by a drunken Werner Herzog.

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@johnhattan @rnadna YES! Throw money at your computer, close your eyes, make a sincere appeal to "Bob" for your fortunes to increase...

Then open your eyes and see how much money "Bob" left for you lying on the floor! Probably most of it!


:jrbd: subgenius.com

Oh I am so danged Anarchist that I have gone around the horn to it's opposite. That's right, I'm now Narchist, bitches!

Oh nice. Somebody's already made up a "paid protester" check.


Wish it was higher resolution. . .

I live in Southlake TX, which is an affluent+white community in the D/FW area. And we're having ourselves a BLM protest in the town square on Saturday afternoon.

So, needless to say, a cabal of local Karens is freaking out about how AN-TEE-FA is getting ready to destroy our Apple Store and nail salons.

And no I ain't gonna start any fights or take the spotlight. It's not about me.

I got an anonymous mask and black hoodie, but it's gonna be 97 degrees, so I'm just gonna wear my Bob-danna and my "Legion of Righteous Comrades" shirt.

Although at the last protest, I got repeatedly accused of being a paid protester, so I might bring along a genuine check from George Soros this time. To quote WC Fields, "never smarten up a chump".

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I've got to admit defeat, Cube Droid will run at 30fps from here on. I tried to push for 60fps, but on various screens there's too many enemies to blit and the poor #MSX videoprocessor just can't handle it.

Still, the original game on Flash ran at 30fps too. Good enough!

Hey check out this a-hole. I think I'll blame all my problems on him. :pp01:

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I have learned many new skills during home confinement. None are legal.

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@johnhattan what a find! I got mine. They also support a charity for comic creators called Hero Initiative so even better.


Attention comic book geeks, all of Jodorowsky's "Incal", "Metabarons" and "Technopriests" comics for $15.


("Technopriests" is a stretch goal, but it looks like it's gonna unlock)

Me: Hey google, put head and shoulders on the shopping list.

Google: Okay, I added both items to your shopping list.

We are safe from runaway AI.

bad word 

With this post, I officially forgive you for that Speed Racer movie.

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