The Overman-in-training prepares for a thoroughly fropped up performance of "I fought the law" at the local karaoke dive.

(yes, the Clash version. That cover rules so very much)

The table next to me was having a birthday party with cheap novelty glasses. I think it's a good look for me. Kinda like how I imagine a Guild Navigator from "Dune" looks.

If you grok that (a) all religions are bogus, (b) freaky lunatic mind-control cults are cool, and (c) normalcy is the default setting of inferior minds, then I have a video you should watch.

Just finished watching Sharknado 6. The ending reminded me of "Star Trek The Motion Picture", only with Tara Reid playing the part of V'Ger. I am profoundly moved.

Such is the duality of existence. I have been repeatedly lectured that karaoke-ing "Sweet Caroline" is a tired cliche tantamount to wearing a lampshade on your head.

But if you have the opportunity to be worshiped as a god by a couple-dozen drunk women, how can you not take it?

The girl I had a crush on in 8th grade is now a retired stripper and porn actress who teaches yoga in New Mexico. So I can confidently say that I have seen my 8th grade crush naked (as well as seeing her do things involving things going in and out of other things)

I bring this thought to mind every time I worry there might be a god. Because no god that could ever exist would have something that f****d up in his "plan".

Get with @onan if you need these Dobbs.Town stickers. I put 'em on my headphones, as they're the perfect way to signal "I'm way too fropped up for any interaction, so whatever it is, just go ahead and do it."

My family is stronger because of these stickers!

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The con has succeeded in stirring the insanity pot just so, that we're all sticking to the edges and burning.

Innoculate yourself now, before it's too late. See what a clip-art God can do for you, and if you're not salivated, we guarantee triple your money back.

What other deity can promise that? :jrbd:

"When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro." -- Hunter S Thompson :jrbd:

Thanks to the HoS 1738 for turning me on to this piece of nonsense that I might have to memorize so I can karaoke it.

Actually, it might be more Twilight Zone-y if the aliens turned out to be much-evolved versions of the same tardigrades we left on the moon. :cbhb0:

"We found a species that was so dumb that they poisoned themselves out of existence, but not before they colonized their own moon BY ACCIDENT." -- clickbait headline written by aliens 10,000 years from now

Le sigh. Once again, I am conscripted to travel great distances to less pink locales to scrounge Finest Frop.

I blame the system. I totally do.

To the BigJohnMobile, Robin. . .

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A great movie to watch on a Saturday night!

The Abominable Dr. Phibes

Someone at the table suggested "My Sharona". Challenge accepted.

PBR, frop, and karaoke. So much cheaper than therapy.

Sang "I got a name" by Jim Croce. Might do "Two outta three ain't bad" next, because it's fun to sing. Meat Loaf is as subtle as a brick to the face.

Karaoke nite at WannaBs in Nashville. This place is rumored to be where record company people look for singers, so there were dozens of girls belting out country songs.

I sang Sweet Caroline. Yeah, it's low hanging fruit, but when there are 50 drunk women in a bar, that stupid song is a one way ticket to popularity.

And, weirdly, I'm really good at singing it. I am cursed with the ability to sing shitty songs perfectly.

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I thought it would be funny to leave a SubG pamphlet in my born again sister's purse. When she found it later on at the restaurant she informed me that I'm "sheep poaching" by suggesting another church and she already has a church. I replied "Sheep! We don't want no sheep! Baa, baa… follow the herd, baa baa!" I then oldered the lamb on the menu. AND I ATE THE HELL OUT OF IT!

Al Jaffee is the guy who makes the MAD fold-in. He's been painting them, by hand, for over 50 years -- he's 98 years old.

I just hope he doesn't take the death of MAD magazine as an opportunity to take early retirement.

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