For those interested in #space and #rocketry ― my live reading (in two parts) of "The Bugs that Live at -423°, The Problem of the Centaur Development" by J Green and FC Jones, from ANALOG magazine, January 1968.

Zontar - preventing the 2nd coming for 2000 years

I had w°rk smite me with a job Downtown. This is the flip side of the key card they gave me to work the elevator.

I'm a winner of Dick DeBartolo's "What The Heck Is It" contest. As such I have won either (a) an autographed copy of the latest issue of the corpse of MAD magazine or (b) an autographed Alfred E Neuman picture like the ones they used to sell in MAD.

Since I already got an autographed Alfred, I was thinking of donating my latest win to the up-coming X-day festivities in New York.

Will there be door prizes and/or bulldada auction where this thing would be welcome?

There is a dumpy lake-bar literally 200 feet from my front door.

Experiencia de Toñito Cabanilla$$$- Extraterrestre Comunista

Puerto Rico SubGenius surf punk.


Elderly neighbor knocked on my door yesterday to tell me that her computer was suffering from all sorts of attacks.

And by "attacks", I mean that there was a pop-up on the browser pretending to be Microsoft Anti-Whatever, and she'd already called and had given "Microsoft" two CC numbers and her checking account number.

Le sigh.

I once joked with my wife that I was gonna collect every router password in the complex. I might do that just so I can shut off everybody's internet.

Fact - You can make one word using all the letters in the two-word phrase "new door".

If you are a big enough nerd to have collected independent comics in the 1980s or 1990s, you might remember Ralph Snart.

Looks like the author is still around. And he still makes one or two Comics a year just for fun. And they're free.

I suppose it's as good a time as any to mention that I'm looking for work.

If anyone knows of any positions at their company, I'd be glad to have a heads-up about it.

I'm right at the start of what I hope is a transition to the cybersecurity field, and my skills would match most Tier 1-2 NOC and helpdesk roles, as well as junior SOC.

I'm looking for something 100% remote. Preferably not call-center, or at a company doing terrible stuff. I love internal IT support, but the self-study I've been doing has had a lot more to do with incident response and security monitoring.

But at this point, I just need a stable income doing something tech-related, full-time and permanent.

Boosts massively appreciated.

Now that her hip is healing, I'm certain my wife is going to slow d. . .and nope, she's back at roller derby practice already.

(the tall one in center back row)

Although she's officially off the skates. She's now a Non-Skating Official and rules coach.

The Texas Adjacent Thrax of Dobbstown is open for business. Although I do apologize for the quality of the plant life. Wife finally did the post-hip-break planting, but we're understandably a little behind.

Today on BirdSite, the bulk of people who are horrified that the administration is creating its own "ministry of truth" think that "ministry of truth" is a Harry Potter reference.

I'm only mentioning this here because learning this fact cost me three IQ points, and I wanna spare everyone else.

If I said the antagonist of the movie I am watching is Keenan Wynn and a guy in an ape suit, could you get it without googling?

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