Feeling pretty weak from the second 'rona shot last night.

I knew I should've listened to those televangelists and started microdosing homeopathic placebos.

Sometime between getting my first 'rona shot and the second, the 'rona-shot-place must've run out of real bandaids, because the thing they put on me today was clearly some kind of practical-joke bandaid made by the Gorilla Glue company. *

* Although if the sum-total of my vaccine side-effects are "the bandaid tried to take a pound of arm-flesh with it when peeled off", I'm probably just being a whiny little bitch about it.

Being a Subgenius means never having to say that you've run out of stickers. Thanks to @Prof_Trixie for the stash.

Uh oh. The lake's warmed up so the Water Puppies have returned.

What would be a good name for the length of time between your dog biting a wasp and your dog realizing that biting a wasp is a Very Bad Idea?

Twitter is for people who wish they’d been meaner in high school.

Okay Brits. You can all officially stop pretending that you understood why the husband of the Queen of England was not called the King of England.

We know you don't know either. You can be open about it now.

You're welcome.

Gazebo Boy finds his singular power of metamorphosis useless against the evil Termite.

Cube Droid is nearly gameplay-complete! Had run through all levels yesterday and only the enemy bullets are not working. Enemy AI could use some improvement still.

Other than that, only the boring bits are left now. Graphics, sound, effects, intro, menu, etc. 😅 #MSX #cubedroid

You can have them Cadbury Creme Eggs any time of the year. Just buy a Hershey Bar, fold it in half, blow your nose into it, and you're good to go.

Yes, we have a safe and glorious future after the atomic bombs fall! Join me, generic blonde woman, and we'll stare into the void beyond our boring suburbia.

Just finished "Godzilla vs Kong". Boy was that ever dumb.

Only important if you're in Texas 

AFAIK as of today, all restrictions on 'rona shots in Texas are lifted.

There are no location restrictions. If you're a Texas resident, you can get your shot anywhere in Texas.

And there is no cost. If you have insurance, there's no co-pay. If you don't have insurance, your shot is free.

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