James Randi has been my ShorDurPerSav in the past. Anyone who sticks their finger in the eyes of that many knuckleheads is a-ok with me. And he never did come after no Subgenius, because he knew we were the real deal, a joke, and even realer deal.

I know we got musicians and people who juggle music-rights here, so I wanna know how significant it is that Tom Lehrer just made all of his lyrics public domain.


Note to all Subgenii who plan to do in-person voting. Upon pressing the "submit my ballot" button this morning, I grew three new testicles and came so hard that it broke the zipper on my pants.

So be sure you plan in advance. You are not like normals, and the polling places are not ready for you.

@johnhattan They're permissible if you're not a douche in their 20s when you wear them. It's clear you've duded your way into the right to wear that.

I know "Dude" Pendletons are for pretentious hipsters, but they are nice and warm.

"A Latent Appliance Fetishist is a person who refuses to admit to his or herself that sexual gratification can only be achieved through the use of machines." --- L Ron Hoover, First Church Of Appliantology

So, would you rather live in an ordinary house in the richest city in Texas, or a cool lake condo with a pool in one of the poorest cities in Texas?

And yeah, this isn't a hypothetical :fst1:

Voltaire said: "We shall leave the world as foolish and wicked as we found it."

Only the Church of the SubGenius can guarantee to leave the world FAR, FAR more foolish than we found it!

:jrbd: subgenius.com

In my quest to binge-watch every episode of Rocky & Bullwinkle, I have watched a lot of Fractured Fairy Tales. Thus-far, this one is the most surreal.


Everyone at the dog-boarding place where my daughter works has fallen in love with this puppy. Thought I'd share.

If it was not intended that I watch Rocky and Bullwinkle at 3 AM, then why am I watching Rocky and Bullwinkle at 3 AM?

@johnhattan @onan

To the person who asked me, "are you an actor?", I replied "no, but I play one on television". Left him gaping like a fish.

The only thing I like about Facebook is that you can comment on the ads. . .

And yeah, Vincent Price was a scenery-chewing villain in "Song of Bernadette".

BUT, I am an alumnus of 12 years of Catholic school, and I had to watch that celluloid sleeping pill more than is necessary to last the rest of my life.

"Song of Bernadette" gets filed down below the Dr Goldfoot movies in a section called "fuck this movie!"

Curse my frop-addled brain, I forgot "House On Haunted Hill". Just to mix things up, I'll go with the colorized MST3K-ized version.


And I think I'm gonna prefer "The Great Mouse Detective" over "The Thief and the Cobbler". While Cobbler is certainly notable for Price's posthumous performance, the released movie is an ugly mess.

Great Mouse Detective isn't an interesting curiosity like Cobbler, but at least it's a finished movie.

For Halloween, I want a marathon of evil-scenery-chewing Vincent Price movies. And I need suggestions. . .

Must Have:
Dr Phibes 1 & 2
Theater of Blood
Masque of Red Death
Witchfinder General
Pit & Pendulum
Great Mouse Detective

Maybe (not evil):
Last Man on Earth
The Fly 1 & 2
House of Usher

Maybe (don't remember seeing):
Oblong Box
Scream & Scream Again
Tomb of Ligeia
Diary of a Madman
House of Wax

House of Long Shadows
Monster Club
Dr Goldfoot 1 & 2
Any beach movie

If there is one thing that covid has done for me, it has allowed me to finally catch up on all those old Hammer horror films and spaghetti westerns I've been meaning to watch.

...so much so that my Short Duration Reverend Title is now "Reverend Doktor Christopher Lee Van Cleef".


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