At the bar last night, two ladies tested my boast that I can karaoke ANY bad song from the 70's. Three beers if I sang the theme from "Mahogany", which I haven't heard in decades.

And I totally nailed it. My PBR-addled brain remembered every syllable of that awful song. I could've sung most of it with the lyrics turned off.

I worry when my brain does that. I went to Catholic school for 12 years, and waking up the wrong lobe of my brain is gonna unlock the scary stuff.

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Don't know much about dysphony
Don't know much about theosophy
Don't know much about the Voynich book
Don't know much about these pills I took

Creative Thing Update - I got Security Officer Fuffykins (the heavily armed kitten) working. Here he is on Cloudy Planet.

He's tricky to use, because he fires in two directions at once. For example, he can shoot the Flying Gray Blob or the Saucer, but he'll end up destroying useful stuff in the opposite tile.

I bet that Goofus from Highlights Magazine is a realtor now. All the Goofuses I went to high school with became realtors.

<- is not gonna be the last to take advantage of this new "moral flexibility" that's been trickling down to us from the highest ranking pinks in the country.

A buncha years ago I brewed up a few jars of absinthe moonshine for my friends. It was some green liquid evil that definitely caused a couple of lost weekends.

I figure it's time to make some more.

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Creative thing update : Working on Cloud Planet, which basically means coming up with more creature types. . .

So now I have Stronger Flying Gray Blobs, Saucers (cannot be stepped on), and Flying Purpleberries (only emerge if you're not holding a weapon).

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A Hundred Dollar Drawing by Nina Paley (“Animator. Director. Artist. Scapegoat.”)

You can visit the depicted paradise at

Found me one of them Ace double-siders at the thrift store. Unfortunately, I fear it's too fragile to read. I don't think they were intended to last 60 years.

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if they merged with Hawkwind and the Mothers of Invention, that'd cover almost everyone.

PSA - Every six months or so, you should check yourself for Funkiness. If you're already on this list, it's too late.

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@johnhattan @GrandHighInquisitor

> "... Because the Peter Jackson
> Kong would barely reach
> Godzilla's knees."

There's a movie concept: MONSTER ISLAND KEEP-AWAY!

The old De Laurentiis version of "Ulysses" was the first Kirk Douglas movie I saw.

It was back in the very early 70's when color TV was a novelty. So whenever a big Technicolor production was on TV, the networks hyped it up, and I was always drawn into the hype.

And I am determined to never watch that movie again, because I'm sure my memories of the movie are far superior to the reality.

. . .although "Jason and the Argonauts" was totally badass when I was a kid, and it's still cool.

This is Security Officer Fuffykins from my game, Dwarf Planet Pirates. He is a high-ranking member of the Hello Kzinny race.

Fuffykins' ability is that he can fire guns in two directions at once.

The Google Home speaker won't let me change the default voice to "Alex Jones" or "Twiki". Does the Alexa one have them?

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@johnhattan seems hard to escape that conclusion, eh? Although a hundred years ago, folks complained that there were too many books to read, so maybe there’s not much of a difference between your good book and the Roci’s latest space exploits.

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