Creative Thing Update. Actually I'm revisiting an old Creative Thing I wrote about five years ago. I abandoned it because it seemed a bit too "out there" and I wanted to make something more with commercial appeal.

Well, I'm kinda out of the "commercial" shtick, so I'm working on it again. Because I think it's cool.

And it's in Haxe+OpenFL, which IMHO is a lot more fun than Unity3D.

I'm guessing he stole something earlier in his life. And someday people will steal from those two women. It's a never-ending chain of karmic theft. Fuck free will. :pp01:

The Church of the Subgenius is the punchline for a society that doesn't get the joke.

Dobbstown Costa Rica is not just carbon-neutral, we're uranium-positive! Rather than pollute the environment with the waste from our fast-breeder sodium reactor by burying it, we've replaced the magnetrons of our microwave ovens with spent fuel rods. When you image a microwave that runs for over 5000 years, uses no electricity and can cook a whole steer in an hour, you're imaging the future at Dobbstown Costa Rica!

In dire times such as these. You can measure the pulse of society and proximity of the eschaton all by simply observing how many more people are beating down the doors of The Church Of The Subgenius in order to drink our kool-aid. It's cleaner than the water in the pipes the conspiracy provides, I'll give them that, and there's room on the pleasure saucers all the same.

Come oh ye tired, ye poor, ye huddled masses struggling to breathe...

Every twenty years, the universe verifies that a filmed adaptation of "Dune" is impossible. If a decent adaptation of "Dune" ever occurs, it is uncertain how it would affect fundamental logic from that point forward.

Best Xmas gift...

<- once karaoke'ed "Sweet Transvestite" in a really redneck country-music bar in Gun Barrel City TX.

And yes there were many beers involved. Both before (karaoke lubricant) and after (promised to me if I had the nards to actually do it).

Really crappy bar.

Does your social network have its own newspaper? Mine does! And it can be yours too.

The world will probably end today.

If it doesn't, it will definitely end tomorrow.

Praise "Bob", I found a couple of packets of [redacted] in the very back of my freezer.

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Clip 3. Bob Larson was quick to tape-delay out embarrassing calls entirely, so most of the best calls were long stretches of silence followed by him losing his everlovin' mind.

The other two are clips of Bob Larson losing his shizzle after I accidentally let slip the name his mistress during a couple of calls.

A buncha years ago, I got three tracks on one of those "prank calling religious radio" CD's.

All of my agreements with the company are expired. . .as is the company itself. So's if you wanna put 'em into your podcast or media barrage or whatever, they're yours. I just ask that you send me a link to the broadcast.

Here's number 1, which is the only one that actually has my voice on it.

Narwhal stairwell dancehall barrel
Parallel petticoat periscope peril
Smoke of “Bob” now floats between us
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Watching "Meet The Feebles" for the Nth time. It's definitely Peter Jackson's second best movie after "Dead Alive".

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