Once you gain slack, clickbait headlines will reveal themselves to you so you don't have to click them. Subgenius.com :wmew:

Well crap. The plan for my saucer was to have day to day operations done by thousands of 1/4-scale clones of Paul Lynde, Charles Nelson Reilly, and Rip Taylor. Unfortunately, Rip Taylor boarded his saucer before I could harvest his stem-cells, so I gotta change plans.

(and yes, I've already tried culturing miniature Andy Kaufmans. Even the healthiest ones just don't have the attention span to operate a large starship. I currently have 'em all crammed into a single stasis-tube if you want 'em)

Fact - you can say the name of Benedict Cumberbatch to the song line "Another one bites the dust".

And you will henceforth pronounce his name that way. For the rest of your life.

You're welcome.

To quote Melanie Wilkes in "Gone With The Wind", the best days are the days when there is a new Hour Of Slack. :pp01:

"Uncle John, every time I see you, you look more and more like the Big Lebowski." -- my nephew

Here's a shot of one of the planets, in this case "Desert Planet". It's got Gray Blobby Monsters and Space Cactus that'll damage you as well as plenty of jewels and some atoms to recharge your raygun.

The dark caves with the "?" might be full of jewels or monsters.

Onan wanted to see some creativity bits, so here's a shot from a game I've been writing in my spare time for a year or so.

The gist is that you have a ship with a crew (left side) that is trying to plunder insignificant planets (right side). The planets are full of monsters as well as treasures, so you have to grab as much as you can before getting airlifted off.

Karaoke night update. Slow night at the bar so I sang four times. What’s New Pussycat, September Morn, Like a Rolling Stone, and Behind Blue Eyes.

And I learned that there do not exist karaoke versions of “Faraway Eyes” or “Boris The Spider”. A fact with which I must cope.

Just discovered that Gloryhammer released a new album in May and it escaped my realization until now.

For the uninitiated, you'll like Gloryhammer if you think that Jim Steinman songs are too subtle. :wmew:

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In "things that give me slack" news, my kickstarter premium for the (entirely fropworthy) Aquabats reboot arrived! Please now refer to me as "Righteous Comrade Big John".

(And yes I supported the danged Subgenius movie Kickstarter)

Wife's in Germany doing valve inspections and I'm home alone. So I'm thinking of heading to the karaoke bar a day early just to have something to do.

Hence I'm digging through my mental rolodex of 70's crap I haven't sung before. . .

Dan Hill - Sometimes When We Touch
Dan Fogelberg - Leader of The Band
Tom Jones - What's New Pussycat or It's Not Unusual

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This Thursday I'll be doing the first ever episode of "Negative at Night" on freethinkradio.com . As it is right now it's gunna be a solo show but I'm working on how to get people to be able to call in.

Show starts around 11pm est but could be a little late cause of slack and all.

If anyone had any topics you'd like me to discuss (no politics please) shoot me a message.

This is a Yellow-Billed Hornbill. Yes, its bill is so horrifying that they had to mention it in its name twice.

The pinks are giving me an extra day off this weekend, as if giving me one more day to hunt the mythical Habafropzipulopsaurus Rex will somehow ingratiate themselves to me, thus getting them closer to some kind of capitalist salvation.

Sorry little pinks. No amount of money will get you on my pleasure saucer.

So when the Skeksis challenge each other to Trial By Stone, do they have to get a new Stone for every Trial?

Just wondering, because it might be a good way to settle family disputes around, but not if I have to get a new Stone every danged time.

The Overman-in-training prepares for a thoroughly fropped up performance of "I fought the law" at the local karaoke dive.

(yes, the Clash version. That cover rules so very much)

The table next to me was having a birthday party with cheap novelty glasses. I think it's a good look for me. Kinda like how I imagine a Guild Navigator from "Dune" looks.

If you grok that (a) all religions are bogus, (b) freaky lunatic mind-control cults are cool, and (c) normalcy is the default setting of inferior minds, then I have a video you should watch.


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