Asked my wife if I could start a private sanctuary for feral weiner dogs over by the dumpster.

Sometimes people just wanna squash your dreams

I got those "Dave Koresh" docs uploaded to I'll add the floppy disk contents if/when I get 'em.

Until then, happy reading. . .

It must be sad to have a religion that doesn't give you immediate certainty in naming situations.

You wanna know what to name the asteroid? Find out here!

This is the story of the one-eyed wolf Called, "The Honey of Super Doom".

She rode her five-legged beast In a mirrored bikini right out of the womb.

They chased each other with the steam and knives screaming "Oil is in my veins!"

And then she grabbed a big old pipe and smoked up some fine old monkey brains.

In tech news, the Moscow Aviation Institute has decided to stop using Windows.

Is it up to the to save the world? It's starting to look like we've got to (so we can take it over later)! The latest from the Church of the Unanswered Question!

WonderAI might be the first app i outright purchase. The amount of epic album covers I’ve made is awesome. I hate the limitations!

Question: of AI makes the image, what’s the ownership on that? Just curious. Not like I’d ever be in a position where it matters.

Please send me some slack waves today. My kid's coming to visit. She's currently feeling lower than a snake's belly because her job isn't paying well, and money is tight in Austin (motto: Like living in Texas, only more expensive!)

She is determined to experience the porch-o-slack here at the Texas Adjacent Thrax of Dobbstown, so I'll get it ready.

"Oh wow, I haven't had Jagermeister since high school." -- me about to remind myself why I haven't had Jagermeister since high school

Couple of friends coming over tonight to help raise the dead. Time to finally make that new album I’ve been talking about forever.

Best I can tell, it thinks my closest library only has one book. But at least it's the Most Important Book In History.

Billboard outside my hotel room. Denver is a whole 'nuther planet.

Within a block of this hotel there is a Taco Bell, a German grocery store, and a store. Well played, Denver.

I'm ready for official Subgenius business! The "holy" book is a collection of Charles Addams comics with the script taped inside.

I think I have my wife convinced that the corgis will be buried alive with the queen.

Hearing the news talking about the queen's death, I am reminded of an exchange from the late Gilbert Gottfried's podcast. . .

Co-host : Ruthie Tompson, an animator who actually worked on "Snow White" for Disney, has died at age 111.

Gilbert : Do they have any suspects?

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