A sign of my youthful listening habits:

A movie ad says "We have a killer on the loose."

I automatically complete it: "His brain is squirming like a goose."


Either Orange or Mike would give Hacksaw competition for SubG status.

Smash Wrestling Episode 104 - Orange Cassidy vs Psycho Mike



Star Trek question for my fellow elderly sorts:

When Star Trek, the original series, first aired, did you watch it in color or black&white?

Me, I watched in black&white, and often in a house heated by wood stoves. (Okay, it was used for ski weekends.)

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Behead those who interrupt fridey nite for nonsense drama

It's about time for somebody to suggest a dobbs.town tarot, don't cha think?

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The mass transit in Washington is horrible. It is as far as I can tell, pure chaos, and not the good kind.

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If there is light at the end of the tunnel... ORDER MORE TUNNEL.

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> Is it ok to go on twitter

yes, as long as you don't come back here and complain about what a pack of relentless assholes they are.

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If you're happy but are unaware of it, drink some beer.

(repeat until somebody hits you)

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