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Okay, here's my present guess: When you've scrolled downward past the first page of stuff, it keeps a count of new posts in the upper right corner. So the display doesn't do any bouncing.
Good enough for my purposes!

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... all righty ...
Evidently, the manual-refresh-only isn't always the case.
And I've yet to find out how to reset that as an option ...

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Two things I like already about Walebird's "Public timeline" display:
1) It doesn't update automatically. You have to hit a refresh button. So things don't jump around.
2) It displays timestamps, rather than how long ago a post happened.

So that's nice. Thanks for the recommend.

This place is getting busier and busier and my Federated timeline scrolls faster and faster.

Remember that diagram of the decision tree the software uses to determine what shows up in your timeline?

I'd like an interactive version that would let each user toggle each of those decisions on and off.

I imagine there will be stories for years to come about bodies found in single-occupancy apartments.

Sort of like the stories of Japanese soldiers found on Pacific islands who thought the war was still going. (I don't remember any specific examples, so I don't know if this really happened.)


Speaking of the dinosaurs' return ...

Something to consider when contemplating a technological civilization of dinosaurs: They might have had a lot less fossil fuel available to them.

(PS: Postscript added to prevent this post being at least 50% preamble.)

Had a notion of moomins, except involving memes. Then realize most people would see "memeins" and pronounce it "muh mains" and then realized I'd used up my enthusiasm for the idea.

(Tho ... "Memein man!" ...")

The "Federated timeline" scrolling is hosed.

At this moment, it jumps from "8m" to "12h", with a "..." between them. Click on the "..." and I get more stuff between "8m" and "17m" and then skips to the same "12m" item ...

PS: This is via a web browser.

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We neat a short abbreviation that means, "I feel under no obligation to even attempt to understand this."

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