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HEY! #Musicians and #Music people!

I have had an idea for a wacky project kicking around in my head for months and I want to try and bring it to life as part of my Film Preservation efforts.

I want to commission some new, original scores for silent films. There are a couple near the top of my list, and I have some faint feels about style, but I'm really just looking for musicians who think this is a neat idea and want to work with me to create something cool.

Those filters for video chatting that make you look like cartoon animals, kinda?
Has this progressed to sports watching yet? So you can watch an NFL game between mole rats and Mario characters?

The coverage of the movie gets the punctuation wrong.


No! Time to Die!


"Date: Wed, 9 Apr 1997 09:31:08 -0400

Oh, give me a .wad
From some underworld god
And guys to blow me away
Where chainsaws are heard
Above carnage incurred
And fireballs screw up your day

Doom, Doom, it's deranged
Where the "imps" look like Gumby decayed
Where toxic waste comes
Neatly packaged in drums
And fireballs screw up your day

I know, I know... This puts me squarely on the trailing edge of
technology, but what the hey..."

The trend of media outlets (The Guardian, tumblr) issuing years' "Best Of" lists at the beginning of December is accelerating December's slide into total suckitude.

Because who would release something in December, now?

Speaking of pants, I think the penguin in Wallace and Gromit's _The Wrong Trousers_ episode should be the model for all future supervillains.

Let's start pronouncing "uphill" as "u fill".


One speaks only the truth.
The other speaks only lies.

How many are going to St. Ives?

Movie idea:


(Set in Northern Ireland, during The Troubles.)

I mildly maintain my right to not care about your sexuality or your pets.

Speaking of fictitious things excreting ...

Reading Stephen Fry's _Mythos_, I ran into the story of Prometheus again. He's the titan who stole fire and gave it to humans.
Zeus chained him to a rock and had eagles -- later transmuted into vultures -- eat Prometheus' liver every day. The liver grew back every night.
So I wonder: Those birds hadda shit somewhere, right? What would a daily dose of digested titan liver do to the soil?
What would grow, and what powers would it have?

Trump's surprise hospital trip? It was only two hours.

So my guess he was getting something stuck up his ass removed.

Maybe Stephen Miller?

Notice that Amazon is doing a new season of , starting mid- December.
Gotta wonder how much they'll be following the books, as we're about due to kill of about half the life on Earth.
(I mean within the Expanse universe,)

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Regardless, you can eat the rest of the Hellburger, for all I care.

I have obtained a NEW Hellburger, and I will NOT be leaving this one unattended!

(Something I found in my email's "Drafts" folder, from 7/19/2007)

This is just john with a message for whoever ate the ham out of my Hellburger.

Whoever you are, I have to think you got the concept EXACTLY WRONG.

Or maybe you're operating under a different concept entirely, one I haven't heard of.

Or maybe you're just a jerk.

Are you a member of one of those religions that ban the eating of pork products and you felt like breaking a commandment and a dietary law at the same time?


Just realized that yesterday I surpassed my 20000th post on monohedron.tumblr.com/
It was started initially to help fill the void on Modemac's High Weirdness Project.
Basically, it's 7 headlines every day, largely chosen for oddness.

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