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@philo I found one of his "Smiletone" videos on YouTube. It's difficult to imagine how this person could have progressed from complaining about Steve Jobs to aggravated sodomy over the last twelve years. Such wasted talent and genius.

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Louisiana Pancake Batfish is a song about that one time a family of crawfish moved into the neighbourhood and started having yard sales every weekend until everyone realized they were selling meth and the dogs were eating people's arms while they were sleeping, and the stumps scabbed over and looked a little like Bert Lahr.

@rudyschwartz Listening to the EXCELLENTC SPUER LASSIC

ASS & HAMMER - Sunshine Supershits


The Puzzling Evidence Show - March 20th, 2015 - THE NOT ENOUGH OF ME SHOW!!
Puzz Ev blows everybody's mind with his face peeing spine shattering intro. Then at 50:00 Philo and Puzz start pulling the wool over the show's eye hole. You drive your own feet to the sound of the radio itself explains that it's the wrong happening sound. Callers Tony and Philo's son jam with the Show. The caller thinks the Show sucks and demands higher quality and somebody thinks we screwed up

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The Avalanches GIMIX mixtape
The alternative version of

Good Vibrations all the way ✌🏼

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What would Jesus do?
Whatever you would want him to.
He’d get a sex change just for you
and join the lgbTQ.
Did I say he? I meant to say
Their holy pronouns would be They.
They’d call your boss
They’d walk on surf
They’d ban your book
They’d punch a TERF
LOLwut would Jesus do?
—The Gospel of Gender Woo
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this song will play and the end credits during the end of the world to commemorate the human race.

Watch "Farting Around" on YouTube

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