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There's a distinct difference between not getting it and not fucking funny.

sometimes i forget my filter, and you may want to know that. just for fun.

"The key is to work by instinct, NOT EFFORT: don't 'do the job' but float on the lake of work...
let the job 'DO YOU'.

This involves the same techniques that you're already using when you play a videogame or a musical instrument, or drive a car. You get 'in sync' with the machine, you become the machine, you surrender to the machine. You put your brain on 'auto-pilot'. You GIVE UP."

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"It's the simple Taoist principle
of WU-WEI: 'Doing Nothing Effectively.
To "BOB", Nothing is infinitely more real than other realities.

He preaches 'NOT-THINK' or 'NO-MIND': for the only way to truly THINK the UNTHINKABLE is NOT TO THINK. You just 'BE'"

"Try? No! There is no 'try'. Do or do not."


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Some groups are led by those who did not get there first but who are wildly competent.

Some groups are led by those who did get there first but who are wildly incompetent.

The Church of the SubGenius is vastly superior to all other groups because unlike all the rest, we are led by a man who did get there first and who is wildly incompetent.

That man is J. R. "Bob" Dobbs, the Saint of Sales, Living Slack Master, and our only hope come X-Day.

:jrbd: subgenius.com

I am asking that you consider there may be neither a political nor peaceable solution.

The Church of the SubGenius may, instead, be this planet’s only β€œout.”

Get yourself fit for the end times.

:jrbd: SubGenius.com

banned from Taphouse IRC, glined with "ORDERS OF THE RCMP"(ha) written. No big loss, the "Subgenii" (if you can call them that) there all are pink and believe in government mandated conspiracy theories.

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