so i just bought some garbage so that i can rework it into a gift for a friend..... and i just smoked frop planet

I had to unfollow @tree_bot
What a lazy motherfucking robot!
All his trees look the same too. You've failed at a robot.


Samsung researchers have released a model that can generate faces in new poses from just a single image/frame (for each of face, pose). Done by building a well-trained landmark model in advance & one-shotting from that.

This gif is my favourite...

A moment of Slack Sadness:
A very close friend and SUBGENII passed away a few years back. His lady gave me his origional Book of the Subgenius.
I moved 20 times since then and now I can't find it. BOB FORGIVE ME

Behold the God of Excremeditation. Worship, all ye faithful! Make thy offerings!

remember when there where actually TITS posted on this thing? now it's just a wall of lies.

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