@reverendrobodummy every episode of “A Man of Letters” with full transcripts available for free! Each episode 15 minutes only (you’ve got fifteen minutes, don’t you?). Stand alone episodes and complete books. Something for everyone. Well over 30,000 downloads by the time I stopped keeping track of how many downloads. Tell one friend today about...


@onan HEY! just noticed that in my itunes folder, MAN Inc is right next to a Man of Letters!

Just thought this was odd... From nice Jewish girl, to ummm...

you know your life has taken a turn for the worst when the only thing you're excited about is a new ALDI within walking distance to your house.


Saw this guy Singing next to the White House. I'd thought you'd like the music, it's quite catchy!

Anybody in the Kalamazoo area? This shirt is for sale there....
Basically, the shirt wins.

@reverendrobodummy that's very close, but I'd use the heavenly pad for keyboard, and maybe bring the key down... Also I'd like the snare to be like early pc-dos midi emulators... More flat but with depth

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