A few years ago I got the ban hammer from FB for using the derogatory ``pikey'', so I have a hunch ``furfag'' is out too.

@ReverendGuimo a triumph of sales and slack, documented live by Puzzling Evidence. Rev. @onan Canobite in Portland Oregon, March 14 1998.

Learn this song! Sing it as you go into battle!


Watch "Onan Canobite in Portland OR, Mar 14 1998 on Sub Genius World Tour Mar (pt 7)" on YouTube

I don't know if the emulsion is on too thick, if I didn't expose long enough or what but the image was very hard to get right. Some places the emulsion scraped off where it wasn't supposed to so I put tape over those places. This will have to be redone at some point. Anyway, 5" Dobbshead accomplished!


To learn more, send $5 and SASE to:
P.O. Box 807
Glen Rose, TX 76043

But I'm still not sure if I should more mad that the curly brace was on a new line, or if they named variables x1 and x2...

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I'm still pissed about finding some asshole using pointers in C#. I seriously should never ever see this:
if (*(int*)x2 != *(int*)x1)

@onan Oooh, I'm sorry. The response needs to be in the form of an existential crisis. 😞

My Pururambo DVD was delivered today. It's an amazing documentary. I normally don't buy DVD's but this hasn't been available on Netflix since 2013 or so.

Art by @nina in “The Syncopated Times” (September 2021) Vol. 6 No. 9. Thanks to @Prof_Trixie for telling me about this fine publication.


Don't know if it's or its? Consider the words yours, his, hers.

Capitalism, where it has been tried, has created inequality. Socialism, where it has been tried, has also created inequality. The difference between the two is that Socialism has only created great inequality, wheres Capitalism has also created tremendous wealth which brought quite literally BILLIONS out of poverty.

OK, 11 marines, 1 seaman, and 1 soldierman. still not 13 soldiers, so stop saying ``oh bless those soldiers''

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Dear Mouth-breathing Morons:

1) It was 13 _MARINES_, not soldiers, who died in Kabul.

2) None of them died ``protecting us''. Their current mission was protecting REFUGEES. The same refugees most of you retards don't want coming around, by the way.

Stop being wrong. Stop spreading wrong like chlamydia at band camp. Be more right. Et cetera.

Hugs and kisses,

My family does not understand the concept of HA HA ONLY SERIOUS.
They are dead inside.

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