Well SHIIIIIIT, I didn't know the dobbstown mirror came with this!
Its worth the $5 a month just to get to annoy Stang with random crap!

I shall bring the anti-prayer cloth just in case. Thank you, @Prof_Trixie !

Just lookit the size of the nipples on that big hairy po-bucker in the middle!

I picked up an anti-prayer cloth from @Prof_Trixie back at X-Day last month. I should photograph that thing before cosmic anti-slack vibes disintegrate it.

I don’t care how witty your drink coasters may be. If they stick to the glass when you pick up the glass, then immediately fall to the floor, they are an annoyance.

Though those are fkn awesome: odditymall.com/cocaine-coaster

Zontar World Youth Rally - Pan Asian Co-Exploitation Sphere Plaza - Tokyo -1955

To learn the secrets of levitation, send $5 and SASE to:

P.O. Box 807
Glen Rose, TX 76043

Sometimes, it's hard for a boiling frog to realize that someone has moved its cheese.

It is better to have two pistols than a big dick.

I once wept for the man who had everything, until I met the man who had even more.

To learn more, send $5 and SASE to:
P.O. Box 807
Glen Rose, TX 76043

Why is everyone upset at [checks] aw geeze really?

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