What the fuck is a 'scentsy consultant'? Is that just more New Age bullshit about aromas?

A lineman came at 1220. He was supposed to be here before 1200.
He monkeyed around at my house for a few minutes and then drove down to the TelCo switching station.
At 1320 he returned, announced the problem was fixed. I verified.
At 1350 the DSL circuit failed again.

Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Envy, Pride

Yes! These, and many others, can all be yours! JOIN MY CULT TODAY!

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Thinking is hard. It's easier to fake thinking by talking.

Things are hard to predict; especially the future.

"And I said to him, "Bob", are you talking about The United States of America?"
He puffed on his pipe, the glow shining up his face, "well actually I prefer the term Dumbfuckistan, to describe that place."

Yeah, that's who. Fucking holier-than-thou-you-are-destroying-the-environment Zoomers. At least when we GenX-ers generate something, we actually have something to show for it. At least for us pollution is a by-product, not the fucking point.

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Yes, that's Bitcoin and all other cryptocurrencies. Even the so-called `green' coins, which claim to mine only with renewable energy sources are destroying the environment faster than an open-pit strip-mine in the heart of coal-country.
And do you know who has a rock-hard woodie for all things crypto? The same Zoomers that bitch about how Boomers and GenX-ers destroyed the environment and economy.

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Fun fact: Bitcoin mining is more harmful to the environment than actual mining. Cryptocurrency uses more energy than Netflix, Apple, Meta, Google, and Microsoft combined. Remember those ridiculous villains in Captain Planet who had a machine which did absolutely nothing but generate pollution?

I need to split some kindling because on Sunday the 5th I escort a bunch of Scouts on a 3mi hike so one can complete his Webelos Walkabout adventure and another can practice kindling a fire towards his Cast Iron Chef adventure, and we don't use accelerants in Scouting hence the need for kindling.

Adam Rabin, the genius behind the band Mailbox, has released an album for 2021 and it's pretty good. Check it out.


Nobody asked me "who are you to judge" when I agreed with them.


Just beware `pushem' is not Tok Pisin for `push'. It actually means `fuck'. This is good to know when elbowing one's way through a crowd...

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I would rather learn Tok Pisin than Toki Pona. I can actually say something meaningful in the former.

There was more than one roll here at one time, but I ate the Hell out of them!

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