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@LapsusChao Well, you could do worse than take in some of my podcast of readings from world literature. Every episode only fifteen minutes, all with full transcripts, all free for the downloading and listening. Some episodes stand alone, but there's two long series of readings from the Stoics. The podcast as concluded, but this will forward you to the archive...

The Roman Emperor Tiberius once proclaimed..."A good shepherd knows to sheer his sheep, not skin them..."
Bob proclaims A good shepherd teaches his sheep to sheer themselves.

Be best.

"Every living organism is fulfilled when it follows the right path for its own nature." Markey A

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"We are flagging problematic posts for Facebook that spread disinformation." - White House press secretary Jen Psaki (15 July 2021)

The fact that the White House does not flag posts at is an ipso facto affirmation that we, in contrast to Facebook, do not spread disinformation. Everything we say about UFOs, bigfoot, magic, The Conspiracy and most of all J. R. "Bob" Dobbs is gospel truth.


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It's not a matter of "right" or "wrong" if "Bob" says it.

It's not a matter of "good" or "evil" if "Bob" says it.

It's a matter of "will it sell" if "Bob" says it. And the answer is YES.

If you knew there was a man who could sell ANYTHING to ANYBODY at ANY TIME, would you want to be near that man? WHAT IF YOU COULDN'T GET AWAY?

Go with the salesman you know. JOIN...

The Church of the SubGenius


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A SubGenius will always recognize another SubGenius. Sometimes because the two click as if lifelong friends recently reunited. Sometimes because it takes a SubGenius to be so irritating, wrong and foolish.

What requires dedicated effort is recognizing the latent SubGenius, the one who just needs that one moment of encouragement toward slack.

You can accelerate that process by purchasing gift memberships in The Church of the SubGenius.


What gains a man who conqueres the world but looses his buttons?

Finally a cryptocurrency with best of breed synergistic force multiplying leverage across a wide market space.

Listen to today in radio's past for the promise of yesterday's tomorrows. A proud part of Dobbs Town Radio Federated Network. or or from the web page

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Rev. Fanboy's FunTime
Jan. 26, 2021, all times Eastern

9 p.m. 20th Century Broadcasting
🎤 "You Bet Your Life" featuring Groucho Marx - Feb. 16, 1949 - one hour unedited studio recording
10 p.m. The FunTime
Midnight Pat Novak, for Hire - Pat Novak, For Hire - "The Geranium Plant Case" (May 15, 1949)
12:30 p.m. Instrumental Long Play
🎧 Morton Subotnick - Sidewinder (1971)

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Back on 14.2 after some harrowing adventures with .

Remember, kids, it's better to just run stable versions if you don't want to have 2 days of emergency recovery missions on your system.

Almost lost all my podcast episodes, but it's okay. Saved at the last minute.

"I've got two songs in me, and i just wrote the third" tmbg

"Padwan: How do I get to where I want to really be?
Mentor: Xiya depelésh mi wanya bi!"

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Klaus Nomi - After the Fall

I see a hundred million lonely mutants
They are glowing in their dark despair
But I'm telling you hold on, hold on
Tomorrow we'll be there

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