Tired of wasting time on THEMAN'S(tm) social SLACK disposal machine? Why grind away your Pipely Ordained Efforts when you could grind away on URoWN local network? Many are the ways, this is just one. trango.io/#/.

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Text-based serverless apps - can they be made to work together?


Slingcode: personal computing platform in a single html file.

Awfice: html/js text editor, spreadsheet, more in under 100K.

jrnl: simple but powerful plain text journal application.

todotxt: minimal, text-file-focused todo editor.

twtxt: is a decentralised, minimalist microblogging service.

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Dobbstown Costa Rica is not just carbon-neutral, we're uranium-positive! Rather than pollute the environment with the waste from our fast-breeder sodium reactor by burying it, we've replaced the magnetrons of our microwave ovens with spent fuel rods. When you image a microwave that runs for over 5000 years, uses no electricity and can cook a whole steer in an hour, you're imaging the future at Dobbstown Costa Rica!

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GADGETTO - Bohi Wendtreuven

Experimental and electronic music.


Speaking of something in the mail...So back in the long yonder there were the Little Blue Books [1]..discrete booklets that fit in a pocket and told of a thing.
Where are the Little Bob Books?
Bigger than the pamphlets smaller than a zine...perfect for waving at the deep red quoitions and chanting from.


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@lrhodes Have been self-publishing since 1979. And by gum I'm still doing it - just mailed out an issue of the "Dobbstown Mirror" and so far the feedback has been very positive.

Dobbs.Town is in the top 10% of fediverse instances by users; was the first to have it's own video (not the first video about Mastodon in general, but the first about an individual instance); first to have a radio spot; first to have a printed newsletter.

Most of all, first SubGenius instance!

:jrbd: subgenius.com

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Not Joy but Surprise. This one goes out to the fella who got me hooked.

This is my father...Bob..photo circa 1960. And that pretty much answers the question of how/why I came to the CotSg.

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