Only lost things require endless re-making, and without loss there would be no literature.
- Gunter Grass

Best thing about losing my mind is that I finally have something to write about.
- Rev. Watt deFalk

The best possible life story for 99% of every type of performing artist, in seven stages:
1. Who's Watt deFalk?
2. His name is Watt deFalk
3. Call Watt deFalk again
4. If Watt deFalk is too busy, call this guy
5. Find a cheaper Watt deFalk
6. Find a younger Watt deFalk
7. Who's Watt deFalk?

( I just remembered hearing that nearly forty years ago)

DESECHABLES - El Fin del Mundo (1984) :abmb:

Best spanish Punk band ever!
in some way so primitive, minimal and agressive as Suicide.

wonder if Sigmund ever stiffed the hookers who Schadenfreud, eh?
Reverend Watt deFalk, Church of the subGenius, L'Ecole Super-Fish Oil de Beau Narr clench

"...Now, our epoch is so full of spectacle and argumentation, and the only kind of language that many people live in is logocentric--very rational, very transactional. [But] poetry has always offered another way of knowing self and world. I think every culture ever studied has had some form of poetry, often connected with shamanism and healing, the possibility of the word opening up vision and human consciousness."
Forrest Gander

I remember for a very long time being extremely confident as a young man that there was nothing about what we were doing that was different than any other rock show. And I remember having conversations with club owners, like: "I mean, I like you guys...I mean, I kind of feel sorry for you guys. Really, it's not me, it's the customers." But that made us realize that we just had to set our resolve even more firmly in the orphaned formats of the time of the asymmetrical hairdo...
John Linnell, TMBG

@Skellington this is one of the most wonderful things I have read. I keep re-reading it. There's so much hard stuff in the world. It would be so nice if I made the students feel anywhere close to this goodness you describe.

@thesunshinesushi If someone ever said this to me I would smile weakly and hurry away to a private space so I could cry from the loving tenderness. It makes me think of Pema Chodron teaching tonglen practice and suggesting that if we can't think of any concrete good thing to wish someone we could wish them a really good cup of coffee.

I think I'll alternate coffee/tea/sandwich from now on. Thank you for this.

I taught a class and was trying to say something friendly yet noncontroversial to end it and this is what flew out of my mouth:

"I hope you now are going to drink some hot tea and have a sandwich, like your favorite kind of sandwich. Have a good night everyone."

I am really the weirdest and I hope they think I'm cool, but now I'm pretty sure NOT COOL but maybe endearingly nerdy? Eh.

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The whirligig beetles are wary and fast, with an organ to detect the ripples.

The arachnid moths lay their eggs inside other insects along the borders of fields or roads in clusters of white cocoons.
- Tom Waits

The ribbed pine bore is a longhorn beetle. Their antennas are half the length of their body, and they feed on dead red pine.

Robber flies, with their immobile heads, inject a paralyzing fluid into their prey that they snatch from life in midair.
- Tom Waits

The snow flea's mode of locomotion is strange and odd, with a spiny tail mechanism with hooks, and a protracted tube from the abdomen to enable moisture absorption.
- Tom Waits

The female praying mantis devours the male while they are mating. The male sometimes continues copulating even after the female has bitten off his head and part of his upper torso.
- Tom Waits

Every night, wasps bite into the stem of a plant, lock their mandibles into position, stretch out at right angles to the stem and, with legs dangling, they fall asleep.
- Tom Waits

If one places a minute amount of liquor on a scorpion, it will instantly go mad and sting itself to death.
- Tom Waits

The bombardier beetle, when disturbed, defends itself by emitting a series of explosions, sometimes setting off four or five reports in succession. The noises sound like miniature pop gun blasts, accompanied by a cloud of reddish colored, vile-smelling fluid.
- Tom Waits

It is commonly known ants keep slaves. Certain species, the so-called sanguinary ants in particular, will raid the nests of other ant tribes, kill the queen, and then kidnap many of the workers. The workers are brought back to the captors' hive, where they are coerced into performing menial tasks.
- Tom Waits

And, as we discussed last semester, the army ants will leave nothing but your bones.

Perhaps you have encountered some of these insects in your communities, displaying both their predatory and defense characteristics, while embedded within the walls of flesh, and passing for what is most commonly recognized as human.
- Tom Waits

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